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The Domain


Art at MONDORF Domaine Thermal

The Park of the Domaine Thermal forms a link between Man and Nature. It is a green lung for the town, contributing to the quality of life, an
element of convalescence, rest and contemplation.

The park also plays host to sculptures: With its 21 monuments, it acts as an art gallery, exhibiting sculptures by Luxembourg artists in most
cases, several of whom are internationally renowned.

The works of the Domaine Thermal :

  • "Lioness and cubs", Arthur Artiomi Lavrientivitch Aubert (1843-1917) :
    work installed at the top of the park in 1905.
  • "The Centaur", Cipri Adolph Berman (1862-192?) :
    bronze made available to the Park by the National Museum of History and Art of Luxembourg
  • "Medalion of Dr Martin Klein", Pierre Federspiel (1864-1924) :
    erected in 1909, in honour of Dr Klein, Director of the thermal station.
  • "Aqua fons vitae", Tom Flick (* 1968) :
    sculpted stone stele placed on the lawn of the Parc Hôtel in 1997.
  • "Tower of Sands", Heidelberger Liliane :
    stone sculpture situated at the Thermal Centre.
  • "The Dance", Nic Joosen (*1933) :
    iron sculpture in 5 detached elements, purchased in 1998, embellishing the quai fleuri.
  • "Tulip", Frantz Kinnen (1905-1979) :
    fountain purchased in 1958 by the State, situated near the Rose Garden in the Park.
  • "Just make sense", Brigitte Kowanz :
    work situated at the entrance to the AL THERMEN.
  • "Bodies", Kraus Carine :
    series of paintings placed in the Sauna Pavilion.
  • "Maus Kätti", Will Lofy (*1937) : 
    bronze sculpture created in 1987 in homage to the author Auguste Liesch (a native of Mondorf) and his animal fable "Maus Kätti"
  • "Girl with roses", Jean Mich (1871-1919) :
    bronze statue cast by the SIOT workshop in Paris, which embellishes the sloping terraces of the Rose Garden.
  • "Metamorphosis", Wenzel Profant (1913-1989) :
    sculpture in dressed stone inaugurated in 1980.
  • "Turning panther", Auguste Trémont (1892-1980) :
    bronze dating from 1932 placed in the hall of the Parc Hotel.
  • "Iron sculpture", Danielle Wagner (* 1960) :
    installed in 1997, for the 150th anniversary of the thermal station.
  • "Enfranchisement", Lucien Wercollier (* 1908) :
    Bronze work produced for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, installed in the Thermal Park in 1980.
  • "Terracotta vase 1900 style" :
    produced by the Villeroy & Boch workshop for the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris, installed in the park thanks to Minister of State Paul Eyschen.


Two other works by Wenzel Profant also adorn the Thermal Park, as well as an unnamed iron sculpture by Pit Nicolas installed in 1997 and a work in blue stone by Daniele Bragoni installed in 2007.



The thermal park hosts temporary exhibitions on a regular basis.

Sculptures, drawings, photographs, etc. MONDORF Domaine Thermal invites you to leaf through various pages of history and culture with the
seasons and the inspiration of artists who are asked to show their works.


 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu