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Care treatments package

Every care treatment at the Domaine Thermal has that magical touch of providing moments of well-being and relaxation.

Get away from it all for a day or a brief stay and make the most of the best care treatments known throughout the world.

Our therapists can offer various flat rates for multiple beneficial effects:
Relaxation, soft, purified, nourished and moisturised skin, care treatments to fight against stress and fatigue…

  1. Discovery day

    Wellness Massage - 25 minutes SPS wrap

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  2. Summer day

    Take advantage of the new SUMMER DAY package to enjoy 3 SPA care treatments and to access all the fitness activities and bathing recreational activities – plus capitalise on a sterling opportunity to discover the “Espace Saunas by Mondorf,” a new relaxation universe where the thermal park gradually morphs into a facilitator for your relaxation.

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  3. Beauty Thalgo

    Fascination with the elegance of one’s own reflection.

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  4. Dream day for two

    Take the plunge in an idyllic atmosphere just the two of you!

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  5. Fit back

    Targeted, beneficial treatment for back pains.

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  6. Imperial

    Massage Wellness - 25 minutes SPS wrap Kaiserbad

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  7. Light legs

    Relaxation and suppleness regained.

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  8. Mom-to-be

    Prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful voyages!

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  9. Oriental dream

    Lounge in the sultry delights of One Thousand and One Nights.

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  10. Perfect Zen moment

    Revelation of quietness and sensual pleasure.

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  11. Signature

    Initiation to well-being by our therapists.

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