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A closer look at certain care treatments

  • Drinking cure:

Stimulates biliary, pancreatic and gastric secretions
Laxative effects through the stimulation of intestinal motility.

  • Inhalation:

Activation of the blood circulation in the mucous membranes.
Decongesting and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Rest:

Indispensable after a care treatment, to recover and relax.

  • Sonic aerosol:

A system used to treat sinusitis and bronchitis consisting of a sonic vibrator coupled to individual aerosols used to reach less permeable areas (of the respiratory system).

  • Thermal bath:

Sedative action that calms and relieves joint pain and relaxes the muscles.
Decongestive, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Jet-spray shower:

Powerful muscle stimulant, with tonic effects, accompanied by a feeling of deep relaxation.

  • Immersion massage:

Local hydromassage that relaxes the muscles and activates the blood circulation.

  • Pool rehabilitation:

Mobilisation exercises under the direction of a physiotherapist.
Reduces joint ankylosis, treats arthritis and sequelae of osteoarticular trauma.

  • Natural Fango wrap:

Relieves joint pain through local vessel dilation.
Anti-inflammatory and decongesting effect.



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