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The Domain


Background history

19th Century

1841: Beginning of drilling operations that led to the first thermal spring 

1846: Discovery of the first thermal spring: Kind Spring 

20 June 1847: Inauguration of the first thermal complex

28 August 1878: The bathing town is authorised by grand-ducal decree to assume officially the name of Mondorf-les-Bains

1886: Facilities taken over by the State

20th Century

1913: The flow rate of Kind spring having dropped dangerously low, a second spring was drilled in 1913, and was named after Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaïde (depth:  464 metres).

1926: Inauguration of the Hotel Palace as well as the new hydrotherapy facility today known by the name of “Al Thermen” (Old Thermal Baths), reconstructed according to the plans by the architect Paul Wigreux

1947: A new drilling operation improves the flow rate of Kind Spring

1979: A new thermal centre  at Mondorf-les-Bains

1 May 1988: Official inauguration of the new thermal and health centre

21st century

1 December 2000:  In 1997, the architects Nico Steinmetz and Arnaud de Meyer submitted their project to renovate the old thermal baths built in 1925 in a “Beaux Arts” style by the State architect  Paul Wigreux. The renovation works commenced in 1998.

14 February 2001: Opening of the new Sauna Pavilion

July 2002:  Renovation of the Orangery

2003: Creation of the French garden in front of the Orangery

2004: De Jangeli restaurant renovated and air conditioned 

12 October 2006: A new Fitness and Wellness world


Construction of a covered link between the Thermal Baths and the Al Thermen building (Maus Kätti bistro).

Opening of the new Club Lounge reserved for Hotel and Club customers.

Re-arrangement of the Gander River banks in front of the Al Thermen building 


Full renovation of the central kitchen, situated in the Mondorf Parc Hôtel****

Arrangement of the surroundings of the thermal pool and creation of 3 terraces; opening of Chalet “Le 36”.

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