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ING Night Marathon: 12 personal training programme to win

L’essential, Air and Mondorf Thermal Estate join forces to prepare you for the ING Night Marathon.

12 personal training programmes to be won, to prepare you physically and mentally for the competition.

The ING Night Marathon will be held in Luxembourg on Saturday, 8 June, at 7:00 PM.

To win your registration and a 12-week personal training programme with health professionals (diet programme, physical exercises, relaxations, etc.), send a video in which you introduce yourself (forename, age, and occupation, as well as your ambitions and the reasons why you want to finish the 42.195 km in optimal fashion) to marketing [at] lessentiel [dot] lu (subject: Inscription%20%3A%20Concours%20coaching%20ING%20Night%20Marathon) by Sunday, 17 February.


Additional information and conditions :

In their video, participants in the competition must introduce themselves (forename, age, place of residence and any information that they deem useful to provide) as well -- and especially -- their ambitions and motivations.

The participants to the competition must send in their video by midnight, Sunday, 17 February at the latest to marketing [at] lessentiel [dot] lu

No entry filed beyond that deadline will be taken into account.

A panel (composed of 3 representatives from L’essentiel, 2 representatives from the Mondorf Thermal Estate, and 1 representative from Air L’Autre Télé) will determine the 12 winners of the competition who will represent their colours at the ING Night marathon and will attend the preparatory 12-week coaching programme at the Mondorf Thermal Estate.


Concerning the 12 winners of the competition:

Reports will be produced to follow the 12 runners who will have to assign their image rights to the “L’essentiel,” Air and Mondorf Thermal Estate titles before, during and after the marathon for all the subjects relating thereto.

The runners will accept to bear witness for «L’essentiel», Air and the Mondorf Thermal Estate to their motivations, record, feelings, results, etc. in reports on the ING Night marathon in the media of the partners.

The participants selected must have a medical certificate authorising them to compete.

The candidates must also undergo a athletic review conducted on the premises by the Mondorf Thermal Estate.

The 12 runners will have to attend the 24 training sessions, except in case of force majeure.

The training sessions with a professional coach will ideally be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 PM, from Tuesday, 12 March to Thursday, 30 May inclusive.  The sessions will be held also during the school holidays.

The runners will receive their registration, chip and jersey for the race free of charge.


Partners :



 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu