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Making Luxembourg : Solidarity against racism

Logo Making Luxembourg

Dear customers, members and visitors,

Xenophobia is becoming increasingly more overt in Luxembourg, in particular on social networks, among young people as well as adults, Luxembourg natives and non-natives alike.

The purpose of the "Making Luxembourg – Solidariteit Amplaz Rassismus" [solidarity instead of racism] initiative is to react against this state of affair, make the public more aware of the dangers of racial and social discrimination and prevent an escalation of these hostile manifestations.

MONDORF Thermal Estate has decided to join the ranks of many other partners of the civil society to combat this phenomenon. Colleagues, customers, patients and visitors:  we all come from different backgrounds and cultures.  It is up to us to capitalise on diversity and to show that multiculturalism is an asset, not a flaw. 

For more information on this brand new initiative, go to

Join the movement :-))


 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu