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  1. Mens sana in corpore « sauna »


    Well, winter is here! And this year once again, the wet grey and cold weather is giving you the blues!

    But what if we told you that it depends entirely on you to change all that? What if we also told you that at Mondorf Domaine Thermal, we are going to help you get through this cold and wet season, but that you will be pleasantly surprised and even start to like such cold and dismal weather! If you are starting to doubt what I am saying, please read on…


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  2. Activio technology, the performant Indoor-Cycling


    A pack of 34 Tomahawk bicycles = The MONDORF's Indoor-cycling professionnal facilities.

    Indoor cycling is a training method people use to improve their physical condition thanks to a tried and tested workout known as Interval Training.


    New : Activio® technology

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  3. Espace Saunas by MONDORF

    MONDORF Domaine Thermal is embarking on the first phase of its improvement works on the Wellness & Fitness facility:

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  4. Conseil d'expert : Bien se préparer au marathon, c'est d'abord bien s'alimenter...

    Préparer un marathon dans l’objectif d’être au top de ses performances le jour J, c’est aussi revoir ses habitudes alimentaires.


    Boire suffisamment d’eau !

    La sensation de soif montre déjà un léger état de déshydratation. Il faut boire suffisamment d’eau au cours de la journée, surtout au cours de l’entraînement.

    Les céréales et fruits: carburant du sportif

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  5. Conseil d'expert : Les meilleures conditions pour terminer un marathon...

    Se muscler, c'est primordial
    pour terminer un marathon dans de bonnes conditions, le renforcement musculaire est essentiel.


    • Le renforcement musculaire du coureur

    Souvent négligé chez les coureurs à pied, le travail de renforcement musculaire est pourtant essentiel pour améliorer les performances. Avoir plus de force à chaque foulée permet d’économiser de l’énergie: votre vitesse sera plus rapide, sans forcer d’avantage, le temps d’appui sera diminué et les forces mieux transmises.


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  6. De Jangeli - oeuf parfait aux asperges

    De Jangeli Restaurant : new menu for spring

    Distinguished most recently by Gault&Millau, which awarded him 2 chef’s hats and a mark of 15/20, the starred chef of our De Jangeli restaurant, Gilles Goess, redoubled his imagination for his new spring menu.

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  7. ING Night Marathon: 12 personal training programme to win

    L’essential, Air and Mondorf Thermal Estate join forces to prepare you for the ING Night Marathon. 12 personal training programmes to be won, to prepare you physically and mentally for the competition. The ING Night Marathon will be held in Luxembourg on Saturday, 8 June, at 7:00 PM.

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  8. Logo Making Luxembourg

    Making Luxembourg : Solidarity against racism

    MONDORF Thermal Estate has decided to join the ranks of many other partners of the civil society to combat this phenomenon...

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