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The Domain



  1. Espace Saunas by MONDORF

    MONDORF Domaine Thermal is embarking on the first phase of its improvement works on the Wellness &...

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  2. Conseil d'expert : Bien se préparer au marathon, c'est d'abord bien s'alimenter...

    Préparer un marathon dans l’objectif d’être au top de ses performances le jour J, c’est aussi revoir ses...

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  3. Conseil d'expert : Les meilleures conditions pour terminer un marathon...

    Se muscler, c'est primordialpour terminer un marathon dans de bonnes conditions, le renforcement musculaire...

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  4. De Jangeli - oeuf parfait aux asperges

    De Jangeli Restaurant : new menu for spring

    Distinguished most recently by Gault...

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  5. ING Night Marathon: 12 personal training programme to win

    L’essential, Air and Mondorf Thermal Estate join forces to prepare you for the ING Night Marathon. 12...

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  6. Logo Making Luxembourg

    Making Luxembourg : Solidarity against racism

    MONDORF Thermal Estate has decided to join the ranks of many other partners of the civil society to combat...

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  7. Aviation Museum

    The Kind Spring will soon host an aviation museum which will commemorate in particular the 1st major meeting...

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  8. CXWORX™


    Are you looking for a short, precise and efficient workout to challenge your body and mind? Then CXWORX™ is...

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 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu