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Maus Kätti

Bistro Lunch - lunchtime only

Day special (+ coffee ou tea)  12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday

Bistro Equilibre - lunchtime only

Well-being dish (+ coffee or tea)
Prepared in cooperation with our Nutrition Department
12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday


Anti pasti

Morsels to be enjoyed with the aperitif ... alone or in company!
Assortment of tapenade and croutons

€ 6

Tomato tartar au gratin with mozzarella, olive tapenade5,50 €



Soup with Provencal pistou€ 6
Caesar's salad
Breaded chicken slivers, anchovies, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, romaine salad
€ 11,50
Half portion: € 7,50
Pissaladière revisited
Puffy pastry, stewed onions, dried tomatoes, olive oil, rocket and spring onions
Avocado stuffed with shrimp
Cocktail sauce with whisky 
Single:  €7.50
Double: €11.50



Zita macaroni au gratin
With ham from our region and spring salad with garden herbs
Penne with sepia ink
Chorizo and dried tomatoes, garlic cream and scampi with parsley-based condiment


From the garden

Panini of grilled vegetables with mozzarella€11,50



Thickly sliced salmon with sorrel cream
Grenaille potatoes and leaf onion 
Mackerel fillet
With Riesling and Luxembourgish mustard 



Beef tartar cut with a knife
Served with its condiments, chips and green salad
Prepared as you like it 
“Maus Kätti” traditional vol au vent
Pure beef burger
200 g of ground beef, onion relish with chives, tomato, cheddar cheese, Maus Kätti sauce, chips
Fried beef with spring vegetables
Steamed potatoes



Coffee or smooth infusion
Assortment of desserts of the moment, Nespresso or herbal tea
House cake or pudding (according to your choice)€4
Crème brûlée
Mango compote
Molten chocolate cake
Mango assortment


Maus Kids’ Menu

Served to children up to 12

Tagliatelle with cream and diced cooked ham
8 €
Chicken run
Fried chicken nuggets, chip
8 €
Choice of dessert
- Ice-cream
- Organic compote gourd



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