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Maus Kätti

Bistro Lunch - lunchtime only

Day special (+ coffee ou tea)  12.50 €*

* 13.50 € on Sunday

Bistro Equilibre - lunchtime only

Well-being dish (+ coffee or tea)
Prepared in cooperation with our Nutrition Department
12.50 €*

* 13.50 € on Sunday


Anti pasti

Morsels to be enjoyed with the aperitif ... alone or in company!
Assortment of tapenades with croutons
Courgette, tomato, artichoke
5 €
Assortment of mini dry sausages5 €
Escargots with garlic butter (1/2 dozen) 7 €
(dozen) 14 €


Starters and salads

Cream of pumpkin with fromage frais8 €
Forest mushroom omelette
Mesclun salad
8.50 €
Braised escalope of duck liver
Apple chutney and mesclun sprouts
17 €
“Yrtti” salad
Strips of ham, mixture of seeds, Goji berries, pear and yoghurt vinaigrette
(petite) 7 €
(grande) 13 €
Goat’s cheese salad
Nuts, figs and raisins
(petite) 7 €
(grande) 13 €
Endive salad
Vinaigrette with Roquefort, strips of smoked ham, mixture of seeds
(petite) 7 €
(grande) 13 €



Tagliatelle with scampi16 €
Penne with mushrooms14.50 €
Ravioli Sorrisi with ricotta and spinach
pesto sauce and rocket
14 €


From the garden

Forest mushroom turnovers with cream sauce15.50 €
Tagliatelle with smoked tofu and tomatoes14 €
Wok of vegetables and rice pilaf14 €


From the sea

Salmon filet, lentils and carrots, horseradish sauce15 €
Back of cod, fried red onions and fennel, brown sauce16 €
Filet of bass, freshly made puree with
autumn products Mixture of old-style vegetables
16 €


From the land

Beef tartar cut with a knife
Served with condiments, chips and green salad, to be prepared according to your taste
18.50 €
“Maus Kätti” traditional vol-au-vent
Chips, green salad
14.50 €
“Lux-burger” with organic Hepperdanger Cheese18 €
Blanquette de veau with fresh vegetables17 €
Veal cordon bleu, our style
Cream of forest mushrooms, Luxembourgish cheese
21 €



Coffee or tea with sweets7.50 €
Entremet or freshly baked cake4 €
Brioche, pain perdu style, caramelita ice cream7 €
Waffles (sugar, chantilly or chocolate)5 €
Crepes (sugar, chantilly or chocolate)5 €
Molten chocolate cake7.50 €
Platter of cheeses
cherry chutney and Espelette pepper
7 €


Maus Kids’ Menu

Served to children up to 12

Tagliatelle with cream and diced cooked ham
8 €
Chicken run
Fried chicken nuggets, chip
8 €
Choice of dessert
- Ice-cream
- Organic compote gourd


 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu