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Maus Kätti

Bistro Lunch - lunchtime only

Day special (+ coffee ou tea)  12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday

Bistro Equilibre - lunchtime only

Wellness day special (+ coffee ou tea)  
defines with our Nutrition Service
12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday


Anti pasti

To accompany your aperitif, alone or to be shared.
Bouquet mandarin
prawn fritters in a sweet and sour sauce

5,50 €

Olive tapenade, tomato and mozzarella fondue au gratin 4 €



Lobster bisque
Golden brown croutons
7 €
Bistro salad
Mixed salad with Goji berries, with poultry slivers marinated in pimiento del piquillo spices, vinaigrette with yoghurt and slices of citrus fruit
15,50 €
Escargot morsels  
Garlic cream sauce with parsley, flavoured with pastis, tomatoes tartar 
12 €
Fourme d’Ambert spread and pears au gratin 
Crinkly lettuce with nuts
10,50 €



Tagliatelle with chicken cream
Chicken oyster meat and chestnut curls 
12,50 €
Long macaroni cooked in a meat broth
Artichoke puree, rocket pesto and pecorino chips
11 €


Vegetarian dish

Veggie burger
Sweet potato chips 
14 €



John Dory filet just roasted
Bulgur pilaf with leeks, white butter and pink grapefruit 
14,50 €
Slab of salmon
Roasted with laurel, in a Luxembourg Cremant wine sauce, risoni with herbs 
14,50 €



Steak tartar cut with a knife
Served with condiments and chips, to be prepared according to your taste
18,50 €
“Maus Kätti” traditional vol au vent
14,50 €
Pure beef burger
200 g of ground beef, onion relish with chives, tomato, cheddar cheese, Maus Kätti sauce, chips
17,50 €
House veal cordon bleu
Sauce with coddled Paris mushrooms, hash brown potatoes and green salad
20 €



Coffee or smooth infusion
Assortment of desserts of the moment, Nespresso or herbal tea
7,50 €
House cake or pudding (according to your choice)4 €
Crème brûlée
Mango compote
7,80 €
Chocolate cake
scoop of ice-cream
7 €


Maus Kids’ Menu

Served to children up to 12

Tagliatelle with cream and diced cooked ham
8 €
Chicken run
Fried chicken nuggets, chip
8 €
Choice of dessert
- Ice-cream
- Organic compote gourd


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