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Maus Kätti - Winter Menu


Bistro Equilibre -  Lunchtime and evening

Well-being day special (+ coffee or tea )
with our nutritional's advise

€ 12,50*

* 13,50 € on Sunday


Bistro Lunch - Lunchtime only

Day special (+ coffee or tea) € 12,50*

* 13,50 € on Sunday


Suggestions of the moment


Anti pasti

To accompany your aperitif, alone or to be shared
Mini dry sausage, gressini€ 3,50
Portion of Calanques diced vegetables, portion of grilled peppers, chick pea spread and croutons with olive oil€ 6



Cream of chicken
With Paris mushrooms and golden-brown croutons 
€ 6
Hot goat’s cheese salad
With smoked bacon, lamb’s lettuce and chicory with nuts
€ 12
(small) € 7
Duck foie gras
Slice of braised foie gras, apple chutney, with reduced “hot wine” 
€ 16



Macaroni and scampi served in a casserole dish
Tomato, Pecorino shavings and extra virgin olive oil 
€ 16
“Vegetarian” Tagliatelle with spinach
Vegetable bolognaise 
€ 12


From the sea

Haddock, fried batter with beer, mayonnaise, lemon and tarragon, chips
€ 16
Seared, with carrot puree, white butter with chives, rice pilaf 
€ 22


From the land

Terrine with pistachio nuts, foie gras and duck breast, diced apple, salad with sesame oil
€ 16
(small) € 9
Beef tartare cut with a knife
Served with its condiments, prepared to your taste, accompanied with chips
€ 16
Chicken Vol-au-Vent
€ 14
Pure beef BURGER
Ground beef 200 gr, pickled onion with chives, tomato, cheddar, Maus Kätti sauce, chips
€ 16



Dessert coffee or infusion
House pistachio macaroon, raspberry cream, fluted biscuit, speculoos ice cream, Nespresso or infusion
€ 6
House tart€ 4
Tarte Tatin
With caramel-coated apples, vanilla ice-cream
€ 6
Chocolate lava cake
Vanilla Ice-cream
€ 6


Maus Kids Menus

Tagliatelle with cream and diced cooked ham 
€ 8
Chicken Run
Fried chicken nuggets, chips
€ 8
Gourd of organic compote or ice-cream 


Maus Kätti ice cream

Black Forest
Frey Swiss dark chocolate ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, cherries in alcohol, chocolate sauce, chantilly 
€ 6
Old fashioned
Milk jam ice-cream, Montélimar nougat ice-cream, Belgian speculoos ice-cream, chocolate sauce, chantilly, gingerbread, Brazilian nut
€ 6
Petit Nicolas
Caramel ice-cream with churn butter salted with salt from the Isle of Rhé, pistachio ice-cream, Frey Swiss dark chocolate, chocolate sauce, mini waffle with chantilly, ground Iranian pistachios
€ 4
Lili the pirate
Rum and raisin ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce with chantilly, Brazilian nut
€ 6


Spiked€ 8
Lemon sorbet (2 scoops), Vodka
Iced Irish Coffee
Glace café, glace vanille, 2cl de whisky, chantilly
Lemon sorbet, Limoncello



Artisanal ice-creams
  • Chocolate
  • Montélimar nougat
  • Coffee ice-cream
  • Churned salted butter ice-cream with salt from the Île de Ré
  • Vanilla
Sorbets fruits
  • Alphonso mango
  • Sengana strawberry
  • Sicily lemon
2 scoops€ 4,70
scoops€ 6,70
Supplement : red fruit coulis, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce€ 1,30
Supplement : chantilly€ 0,50


EnKas from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Quick bites 
Avocado with prawns, Cocktail sauce, young grass sprouts and salad€ 12
HOT DOG , saucisse, crispy onions, sauce€ 4
Our Classics 
Country CROQUE, green salad€ 9
Pure beef BURGER, Ground beef 200 gr, pickled onion with chives, tomato, cheddar, Maus Kätti sauce, chips€ 16
FISH’n’Chips, haddock, mayonnaise, lemon and tarragon, chips€ 16
Current suggestions 
Daily dishesIn the mood... € 12
Madly... € 14
Salad fourteen€ 14
Salad sixteen€ 16
Soup€ 6
Pasta€ 12
Anti pasti€ 5
“Tea Room” Pastries + Selection of Nespresso or Organic Tea€ 6
House tarts – depending on the time€ 4


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