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Maus Kätti


Bistro Lunch - lunchtime only

Day special (+ coffee ou tea)  12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday

Bistro Equilibre - lunchtime only

Wellness day special (+ coffee ou tea)  
defines with our Nutrition Service
12,50 €*

* 13,50 € on Sunday


Anti pasti

To accompany your aperitif, alone or to be shared.
Bouquet mandarin
prawn fritters in a sweet and sour sauce

5,50 €

Olive tapenade, tomato and mozzarella fondue au gratin 4 €



Cream of chestnut 
with croutons and chopped mushrooms
9,50 €
Vitality salad
small-leafed salad with goji berries, warm flaked cod with orange, yoghurt and citrus furit vinaigrette 
14,50 €
Avocado and prawns  
in a whisky and chive cocktail sauce, with shredded salad with preserved tomatoes
15 €
 1/2 : 11 €
Warm pâté in pastry with Riesling
with an endive and walnut salad
14 €



Penne with smoked salmon
with artichokes and tomatoes 
14 €
Muschroom lasagna
with old-fashioned vegetables and cream of pumpkin 
12,50 €



Fillet of pike-perch
with a rustic choucrout, a beurre blanc sauce with Luxembourg Pinot Gris, and boiled potatoes 
17 €
Fillet of salmon
lightly pan-fried, with a sauce of Luxembourg sparkling wine and a mushroom risotto
14 €



Steak tartar cut with a knife
Served with condiments and chips, to be prepared according to your taste
18,50 €
“Maus Kätti” traditional vol au vent
14,50 €
Pure beef burger
200 g of ground beef, onion relish with chives, tomato, cheddar cheese, Maus Kätti sauce, chips
17,50 €
Wainzoossis (wine sausage) pan-fried in an old-style mustard cream sauce
with crushed potatoes and chives, seasonal salad
15,50 €



Coffee or mild herbal tea
Assortment of desserts of the moment, Nespresso or herbal tea
7,50 €
House tart or entremets (according to your choice)4 €
Panna cotta with almond milk
with crumbs of candied chestnut and a chestnut cream emulsion 
6 €
poached in sweet white wine with spices, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
7 €


Maus Kids’ Menu

Served to children up to 12

Tagliatelle with cream and diced cooked ham
8 €
Chicken run
Fried chicken nuggets, chip
8 €
Choice of dessert
- Ice-cream
- Organic compote gourd


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