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Health & Fitness Programme


- Manage food intake better
- Adopt a more active lifestyle with greater ease
- Rediscover the pleasure of eating well and being active
- Feel good about yourself
- Improve your self-esteem
- Lose weight at your pace
- Learn to manage your emotions.

Is this programme for you?

Before the programme starts, our health professionals assess your state of health based on a form to be completed by your attendant physician or a physician at Mondorf Domaine Thermal.
After 2 consultations with the dietician, you will get a personalised dietary plan, adapted to your situation.
A physiotherapist carries out a physical assessment that serves as a basis to define your personalised training programme.

Who supervises the group?

A doctor, dieticians, psychologists, sport therapist and specialised sport coaches. They are there to listen, guide and motivate the group.

How are sessions conducted :

A small group attends eight 4-hour sessions. Everyone participates actively in:
- discussions: information on the right choice of foods, exchanges to stay motivated, tips to avoid craves;
- role playing: going through the supermarket, choice of menu outside the home, etc.
- workshops: reading of packaging, preparing menus, learning to taste;
- physical activity sessions: gradual endurance training, adapted exercises

Do you recognise yourself?

A few years ago, I stopped smoking and I gained 5 kilos. Today, I am going through menopause and my weight keeps increasing. And yet, I do not eat that much. I don’t know what to do any more.

Because of an injury, and then because of lack of time, I stopped getting exercise, and today I weigh 15 kilos more. I am motivated but I don’t want to do just any diet and deprive myself of everything.

I have done all the diets printed in women’s magazines, protein shakes, and each time I gained some more kilos. My weight is starting to become a persisting problem. I am discouraged. I need only look at food and I gain weight.

For years, my doctor advised me to lose weight because I have high blood pressure and I am diabetic. I don’t feel good about myself anymore. I am easily out of breath and I realise I have to do something.

a. Incoming check-up172 €

  • 1 health assessment and advice
  • 1 dietary plan
  • 1 exercise plan

>>The check-up is mandatory for every customer who has not yet undergone dietetic consultation at Mondorf Domaine Thermal.

Option – psychologische Unterstützung 77 €

b. Eight-week programme at a rate of one session per week: €296 (Wellness & Fitness members: €187)

  • 8 nutritional behaviour management lectures (1 x doctor, 4 x dietician, 3 x psychologist)
  • 8 group training sessions
  • 8 weight control sessions
  • 1 collection of nutritional tips
  • 1 Pedometer
  • 8 Wellness & Fitness sessions, valid on the very day of your nutrition session

c. Monitoring programme173 €


For more information, our health professionals are at your disposal for more information at (+352) 23 666-823 ou nutrition [at] mondorf [dot] lu

 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu