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The Domain


Luxembourg Aviation Museum

Today “is a great day for aviation in Luxembourg,” declared Jean Ries, President of the Luxembourgish Association for the Preservation of Aeronautical Heritage.

The “Source Kind” Pavilion at the heart of the thermal estate, has since 2012 been home to the first aviation museum in Luxembourg.

The museum pays tribute to the thermal estate which was the backdrop of the first flight in Luxembourg airspace back in April 1910.

The museum’s masterpiece is without any doubt the “Klemm,” a monoplane built in 1934, now perfectly restored, with flamboyant red wings that catch every eye.

You should certainly not miss the opportunity to plunge into the world of pioneers and technological developments in aeronautics in the past century, through :

  • The chronological introduction to different disciplines:  motorised and sail aviation, parachuting ;
  • The exhibition of flying machines, including the oldest wooden plane that flew in Luxembourg as of 1946 via the ULM and the very first hot-air balloon ;
  • The discovery through amusement and practice of how a meteorological station works.
  • The broadcast of an original taped conversation between a pilot and the control tower.
  • The projection of a film on Klemm’s epics.

Practical information

Open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 to 6:00 PM.

For information on the Museum and the organisation of group and/or guided tours, please contact Mr Kohn (+352) 621.155.531, or by e-mail : gasko [at] pt [dot] lu

For your meals, you are cordially invited to book in one of our restaurants : De Jangeli or the Bistro Maus Kätti at (+352) 23.666-666 or by email : reservation [at] mondorf [dot] lu

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