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  1. Face and Body Sensation

    Embark on a voyage of the senses.

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  2. Ägyptos (+ special soap)

    Wrap composed of a mix of healing earth, Dead Sea salts and mineral substances.

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  3. Ayurveda Abhyanga

    Mild and relaxing Indian massage in the form of effleurages, restoring balance to mind and body thanks to hot sesame oils.

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  4. Ayurveda Shirodara

    Indian massage of the face and scalp.  Intense relaxation thanks to the flow of hot sesame oil on the forehead.

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  5. Kaiserbad (Imperial bath)

    A relaxing bath that has various beneficial effects depending on the care product used (wide choice).

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  6. Kraxenofen

    (Sprayed) cushion filled with hay from the Alps. Beneficial effects: Relieves back pain and muscle tension. ...

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  7. LaStone Therapy for two

    Massage en alternance de pierres en basalte chaudes et froides (au choix).

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  8. LaStone-Magnet Therapy

    Combination of the relaxing effects of hot stones and magnetic energy. The magnets are integrated in the heated basalt stones.

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  9. Mukhabhyanga

    Ayurvedic massage for the face and scalp.

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  10. Pantai-Luar

    Stimulating massage using aromatic herb pads heated in oil at 140°C, that elicits regenerating and relaxing reactions.

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  11. Permanent Contour

    Infusion technique using pads of aromatic herbs, each of which has its own beneficial properties.

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