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  1. Air and Light

    Your body will rediscover a feeling of well-being; rid of its toxins, your skin will regain its softness and glow.

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  2. Aquatic Signature

    A complex ritual with the scents of the sea.

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  3. Beauty Thalgo

    Fascination with the elegance of one’s own reflection.

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  4. Dermotony

    Care treatment using Skintonic, a device that activates the veino-lymphatic circulation.

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  5. Indocéane

    A revitalising journey round the world

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  6. Kaiserbad (Imperial bath)

    A relaxing bath that has various beneficial effects depending on the care product used (wide choice).

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  7. Luxuriant vegetation

    Your body feels as if infinitely expanded, your mind escapes and, like a dream, can unite with all of nature. The skin is nourished deeply and regains its full comfort. The skin is nourished deeply and regains its full comfort.

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  8. Oriental dream

    Lounge in the sultry delights of One Thousand and One Nights.

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  9. Pantai-Luar

    Stimulating massage using aromatic herb pads heated in oil at 140°C, that elicits regenerating and relaxing reactions.

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  10. Permanent Contour

    Infusion technique using pads of aromatic herbs, each of which has its own beneficial properties.

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  11. Polynesian Inspiration

    4-stage beauty route….

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  12. Primal Waters

    Soothed, refreshed and moisturised, the skin is sublimated; you feel the tensions of your body and mind evaporate.

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  13. Rasul

    Oriental steam bath based on several clays.

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  14. Ritual SanVino Men

    An intense regeneration and relaxation experience focused on the face.

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  15. Scottish rub

    A speciality that uses a particular sea salt from Brittany, mixed with mild almond oil to scrub the epidermis and purify the skin.

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  16. Terra Magica

    Hot earth scent, velvety touch… You will be amazed by the divine scents of original lands. Recharged with energy, the body is freed of all tension…

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