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Medical nature

  1. Ägyptos (+ special soap)

    Wrap composed of a mix of healing earth, Dead Sea salts and mineral substances.

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  2. Athletic massage

    This deep and intensive massage can improve performance by preventing pain and the risk of injuries.

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  3. Breuss Spinal Massage

    Technique entailing a gentle and energising spinal stretching to regenerate the vertebrae.

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  4. Cranio-Sacral balancing

    Indicated for the treatment of traumas, accidents, headaches, stress, etc.

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  5. Cranio-Sacral balancing for children

    Treats problems such as dyslexia, lack of concentration, nervousness, hyperactivity, etc. likely to appear owing to certain conditions during childbirth.

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  6. Dermotony

    Care treatment using Skintonic, a device that activates the veino-lymphatic circulation.

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  7. Endermology

    Anti-cellulite palpating and rolling technique. Fights against orange skin effect and shapes the silhouette using the Cellu M6 device.

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  8. Fit back

    Targeted, beneficial treatment for back pains.

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  9. Foot care

    Our Chiropody department, which specialises in foot health, boasts appropriate medical appliances to treat the pathologies and injuries of the foot, such as calluses, corns, callosity, ingrown toenails, etc.

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  10. Kraxenofen

    (Sprayed) cushion filled with hay from the Alps. Beneficial effects: Relieves back pain and muscle tension. ...

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  11. Light legs

    Relaxation and suppleness regained.

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  12. Lymphatic drainage

    Mild massage therapy to activate and regulate lymph transport.

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  13. Mom-to-be

    Prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful voyages!

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  14. Reflexology

    Manual therapy applied to the feet. It acts on the entire body by reflex.

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  15. Sophrology

    To promote harmony between body and mind Sophrology combines Western traditions of care through speech and Oriental traditions of consciousness raising through postures.

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  16. Ultrasonixshaper

    Palpating and rolling technique using anti-cellulite ultrasound that refines and firms the treated areas.

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