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Rehabilitation of the locomotor apparatus


Our physiotherapists pool their expertise to see to the rehabilitation of rheumatological, orthopaedic, traumatological or neurological ailments so as to help you recover your functional capacity.

Retraining for walking owing to a general ailment (code ZK 21)

Rehabilitation of a member (code ZK 22)

Rehabilitation of the spinal column (code ZK 23)

Rehabilitation of a member and the torso (code ZK 24)

Rehabilitation in the swimming pool (code ZK 25)
Beneficial results due to the partial weightlessness with the antalgic and relaxing effects of heat and thermal water.

Spinal traction (code ZK 26)
Treatment aimed at enlarging the vertebral space and relieve disc protrusion.
Positive results noted in the case of sciatic nerve, lumbago and cervicobranchial neuralgia at the subacute stage.

Specific functional therapy treatments (code ZK 22 or ZK 23)
Mild and progressive rehabilitation technique to help you recover.

  • Cyriax method
    Deep and firm low range, cross-sectional massage in relation to the tendon or muscle fibre causing sustainable hyperaemia (antalgic effect).
    >> Applied in cases of well located minor tendon, ligament or muscle injuries in the acute non-inflammatory stage.
  • Ekman method
    Deep massage technique to reduce adhesions and fibroses responsible for muscle and tendon pains.
    >> Applied in the case of post-traumatic and surgical adhesions, inflammatory conditions (tendonitis, groin injuries), small ligament and tendon injuries. 
  • Sohier method
    Manual release of joints without exceeding the normal range of motion.
    >> Areas treated:  hips, shoulders, spinal column.


Good to know

Treatment by medical prescription only.
Covered with the prior consent of the National Health Service.

Consultation by appointment:
Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.



For more information, our health professionals are at your disposal for more information at (+352) 23 666-810 or kine [at] mondorf [dot] lu

 domaine [at] mondorf [dot] lu