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SanVino Rituals

Recognised since Antiquity, the beneficial properties of wine, grape seeds and the oil extracted from them are at the heart of the cosmetic research conducted by SanVino.

The skin and seeds of red grapes contain highly active ingredients, whose antioxidant properties neutralise premature cell ageing and help the skin retain its youthful appearance. Particularly recommended for dry skin, the grape improves the elasticity of the skin and accelerates healing.

With high concentrations of active ingredients.
SanVino products lighten the skin tone and leave the skin supple and smooth. The secret of the SanVino wine therapy lies in the rediscovery of ancestral knowledge, combined with the progress of cosmetic research.

  1. Ritual SanVino Men

    An intense regeneration and relaxation experience focused on the face.

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  2. SanVino Ritual

    Peeling with grape seeds Imperial bath Grape seed oil massage Wrap with nourishing balm

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