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Skin and body care treatments

  1. Kaiserbad (Imperial bath)

    A relaxing bath that has various beneficial effects depending on the care product used (wide choice).

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  2. Nourishing balm wrap

    Nourishing balm wrap

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  3. Peeling with grape seeds

    Scrub with antioxidant effects.

    It regenerates the skin of your body to give it a radiant boost.

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  4. Scottish rub

    A speciality that uses a particular sea salt from Brittany, mixed with mild almond oil to scrub the epidermis and purify the skin.

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  5. Scrub

    Scrub with a brush and exfoliating soap to remove the dead cells of the epidermis, and leave a soft and silky skin.

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  6. SPS wrap

    This wrap technique relies on its Waterbed (38°C) system to promote maximum relaxation and...

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