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Terraké rituals

Spa Rituels Terraké

A concept of beauty treatment dedicated to the world’s finest spas, Terraké creates harmony between the pleasure of the senses and letting go of the mind, and proposes four ideal sensory universes, inspired by the birth of the earth, that brings you into intimate contact with the Forces of the Earth:  Air and Light; Primordial Waters; Luxuriant plant life; and Terra Magica.

The Terraké beauty rituals draw their efficacy from the rediscovered fusion to feed, revitalise, and embellish the body, the mind and perhaps the soul!

At the Thermal Estate, each Terraké universe offers rituals for the body to bring pure sensations to life. A Terraké ritual makes you experience absolute coherence, where all the elements of the treatment are ideally matched:  scents, rare and precious raw materials, textures, flavours, non-verbal communication, music. 

Embark on the discovery of the Terraké sensory universes…


Each realm comprises:

  • 1 Skin smoothing (scrub) technique
  • 1 Wrap
  • 1 Massage
  • 1 Final Highlight (creme)
  • 1 Tea
    • 90min
    • Sexe

    "Face and Body" Sensation

    Embark on a voyage of the senses.

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    • 120min
    • Sexe

    Air and Light | detoxification

    Your body will rediscover a feeling of well-being; rid of its toxins, your skin will regain its softness and glow.

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    • 120min
    • Sexe

    Luxuriant vegetation | nutrition

    Your body feels as if infinitely expanded, your mind escapes and, like a dream, can unite with all of nature. The skin is nourished deeply and regains its full comfort. The skin is nourished deeply and regains its full comfort.

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    • 120min
    • Sexe

    Primal Waters | moisturisation

    Soothed, refreshed and moisturised, the skin is sublimated; you feel the tensions of your body and mind evaporate.

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    • 120min
    • Sexe

    Terra Magica | remineralisation, anti-age

    Hot earth scent, velvety touch… You will be amazed by the divine scents of original lands. Recharged with energy, the body is freed of all tension…

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