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Therapeutic manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle and slow therapeutic massage to stimulate the circulation of the lymph through the organism to the ganglions to facilitate the removal of excess liquids and metabolic waste. Thus, manual lymphatic drainage:

  • Accelerates cicatrisation
  • Reduces the risks of infection.
  • Reduces oedema, which is a source of pain and inflammation.


In case of lymphoedema, which is notably one of the major consequences of breast cancer treatment, manual lymphatic drainage makes it possible to redirect the lymph to other channels and other ganglions.

Manual lymphatic drainage can also be considered to treat chronic venolymphatic insufficiency of the lower members (problem of blood and lymphatic liquid returning to the heart).


Therapeutic indications and prescription Code:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage, for primary lymphoedema (lymphatic insufficiency) (code ZM 13)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage, for secondary lymphoedema following serious trauma and/or algodystrophy (cod ZM 14)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage after cancer surgery (code ZM 17)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage for severe venous insufficiency (code ZM 18)


Good to know

By prescription only.
Reimbursement after approval by the National Health Fund.

Session by appointment:
Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 16:30 PM



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