Thermal Cures

  • Cure physicians

    As a specialist in thermal cure treatments, s/he will determine with precision the treatments required for your disorder and provide the mandatory medical supervision during your cure.
  • Benefits of thermal water

    A "mixed sodium and calcium chlorinated" water that contains a high concentration of secondary elements such as magnesium and sulphate, with a pH close to that of the skin, together with its minerals, plus soothing, decongestive and anti-inflammatory properties, is the perfect ally for your care treatments, thanks to its extensive beneficial effects.

  • Rheumatism Cure

    The beneficial effects felt after a rheumatology cure are the result of the thermal treatment itself, together with the benefits of rest and the therapeutic education imparted.

  • Rheumatism Cure

    MONDORF Domaine Thermal is the ideal setting for a “Rheumatism” cure that will be covered by your health insurance if you are affiliated with the French social security system. 

  • Pathological obesity cure

    The purpose of the pathological obesity cure is to provide dietary re-education for the long term that promotes weight loss and attenuates the effects of related disorders.

  • Lympho-venous cure

    The lympho-venous stasis cure for phlebological purposes is used to treat lympho-venous insufficiency for the long term and to attenuate complications connected to this invalidating chronic disorder.

  • ORL Sphere cure

    The aim of the ORL Sphere cure is to reduce the number of relapses thanks to the decongestive and anti-inflammatory properties of the thermal water at Mondorf. During inhalation, thermal water fine particles stimulate the blood circulation in the mucous membrane and liquefy secretions by an osmosis effect. The strength and frequency of activity by the epithelial cells that drain them are increased, thereby facilitating the elimination.

  • Respiratory system cures

    The beneficial effects of a respiratory system cure are intended to halt chronic bronchial ailments and to optimise the respiratory capacities through effort and capacity-building exercises.

  • Digestive system cures

    The beneficial effects of a digestive system cure are due chiefly to the remarkable mineral content in the Mondorf thermal water.

  • Stay and accommodation

    A real oasis of calm in the heart of a magnificent park, MONDORF Domaine Thermal welcomes you throughout the year in a green setting, ideal for your well-being when doing a cure.

Medical care treatments

Gegen Vorlage eines Rezepts bieten unsere medizinischen Fachkräfte eine Reihe von medizinischen Behandlungen an.

Medical care

Dieticians, psychologists, podologists, sophrologists, etc. A team of health professionals provides medical care and treatment at all times upon request.
  • Medical pedicure

    Medical pedicure

    Medical pedicure

    Our Chiropody department, which specialises in foot health, boasts appropriate medical appliances to treat the pathologies and injur...
  • Nutrition



    To help patients improve their diet, dieticians flank and supervise an approach based on a nutritional assessment and a personalised meal plan. The science of nutrition will serve as a basis to help you acquire the knowledge and expertise needed so that you can manage your food on a day-to-day basis.
  • Sophrology



    To promote harmony between body and mind

    Sophrology combines Western traditions of care through speech and Oriental traditions of consciousness raising through postures.

  • Psychology



    Our individual or family psychological consultations are geared to people who wish to benefit from support in their struggle to overcome their problems.
  • Osteopathy



    Osteopathy is a global approach based on a manual technique for treating malfunctions of the body that appear in the form of loss of movements of tissues (bones, caps, ligaments, vessels, nerves, viscera).
  • SPORTMED method

  • Santé et Bien-être au travail

    Santé et Bien-être au travail

    En tant qu’acteur majeur en matière de soins et de prestations de santé au Luxembourg, MONDORF Domaine Thermal a développé un programme dédié à l’amélioration de la santé et du bien-être au travail.