• Park


    Covering more than 42 hectares, the park of the Thermal Estate has been the joy of nature lovers for more than 160 years.
  • Art at MONDORF Domaine Thermal

    Art at MONDORF Domaine Thermal

    The park also plays host to sculptures: With its 21 monuments, it acts as an art gallery, exhibiting sculptures by Luxembourg artists in most cases, several of whom are internationally renowned.
  • Herb garden

    Herb garden

    Designed in 2000, this garden’s educational aspect complements the aesthetic and recreational bias of the Thermal Park.
  • Ciné Waasserhaus

    Ciné Waasserhaus

    “Ciné Waasserhaus” is located in the park of Mondorf Domaine Thermal, close to the thermal pool, above the Kind Spring Pavilion (Fligermusee).
  • La Roseraie

    La Roseraie

    Avec plus de 250 variétés de rosiers - dont plusieurs luxembourgeoises - la roseraie du parc thermal s'étend sur plus de 15.000 m2 et recèle de belles sélections de David Austin.