“A method to assess your fitness level and define your workout programme.”


SPORTMED was created in 1986 by the Austrian doctor Klaus Bliemegger to facilitate the supervision of persons who wanted to enjoy sport activities, make a diagnosis and advise them on their workouts.

This method can be used to measure a person’s performance and medical condition and thus raise awareness about his or her health and create an appropriate programme.


At MONDORF Domaine thermal, you can assess your fitness level and define an appropriate workout programme, supervised by our coaches.


This method is used to measure your physical condition so as to define an appropriate workout in all three dimensions:
Determining the physical condition is the point of departure for a movement and workout assessment.
OBJECTIVE: Define a personal workout programme in line with your capacity to make an effort which varies depending on the chosen activity. A heartbeat analysis is one of the indicators used to measure your stamina.

"SPORTMED will enable you to increase or maintain your stamina!"
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed a programmed aimed at improving human health through daily physical exercise: “Active living for all.” It helps improve the quality of life of individuals, prevent non-transmissible diseases and reduce the risk of excess weight and thus increase life expectancy. This approach promotes individual or collective exercise for recreation or competition.


Picto fréquence cardiaqueCardiotest (heart rate curve), Conconi method on bicycle ergometer:
  • Observe the heart rate curve
  • Analyse the heartbeat
  • Define the effort/load ratio
  • Define the point of abandonment.
Variation depending on activities: running, cycling or swimming… stamina will vary since the muscle load is different.”

“Improve your quality of life and your health on a daily basis.”
Regular physical exercise reduces the strain on your heart and cardiovascular risks. It enhances your physical capacity, muscle strength, flexibility and motor coordination. Moderate cardiovascular exercise provides a better quality of life and well-being. It will reduce the risk of premature death, diabetes, high blood pressure, intestinal cancer, depression and anxiety.



Illustration Coach Fitness Nicolas7-LEVEL FITNESS SCALE

It helps determine the load capacity threshold (resistance to stress) and makes it possible to compare between persons. The fitness level is always related to age and gender. The long-term objective would be to reach level 5 for every person who wants to maintain an optimal level and limit cardiovascular risks.


In this method, a unit of movement is expressed in points and corresponds to a quantity of kCal to be burnt during the physical activity.
Every sportsman follows a programme with a number of SPORTMED points to be reached. The individual programme for cardiovascular training takes 10 weeks, sticking to the intensity, duration and frequency set, two to three times per week. The points are earned by performing activities of predetermined intensity. The intensity of the training varies according to the defined objectives, either weight loss or improved stamina.


CHECK-UP in 12 WEEKSMONDORF - Picto tapis de course

After 12 weeks, a new level test is conducted to decide whether to adjust the programme depending on progress from previous results.


  Single Duo
Preliminary interview + tests €79 €63
 Check-up in 12 weeks €63  €51
 Body composition test €15  €12
CARDIO WATCH HeartRateCoach   €159

These rates, inclusive of VAT, valid as of 1 January 2016, cancel and replace previous rates.
Management reserves the right to change the rates, programme and services without notice. Non-contractual photographs.


For information and reservation, inquire with a coach or the Fitness Reception

(+352) 23 666-666 or reservation@mondorf.lu





In collaboration with MONDORF Domaine Thermal, CMCM is launching the Mondorf Plus programme, a prevention-based health programme in line with our 2017 priorities set at the the Journée de la CMCM (11/2016).

Mondorf Plus is a custom 12-week programme that focuses on getting back in shape. With more than 20 activities to choose from, participants will receive personal coaching (Sportmed) as well as several professional assessments over the course of 12 weeks.


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