Well, winter is here! And this year once again, the wet grey and cold weather is giving you the blues!

But what if we told you that it depends entirely on you to change all that? What if we also told you that at Mondorf Domaine Thermal, we are going to help you get through this cold and wet season, but that you will be pleasantly surprised and even start to like such cold and dismal weather! If you are starting to doubt what I am saying, please read on…


Sauna bath

If you have never been to a sauna, it is actually difficult to imagine the wonderful feeling you will get by breathing that fresh air that awaits you as you come out of your sauna sessions. It is even more difficult to imagine having a cold shower while the outdoor air temperature is very close to zero, and yet it is only too true.

We are inviting you to partake in a unique experience, and most of our visitors will tell you the same thing: “it’s like being reborn. The respiratory tracts are cleared, you breathe deeply and a tonic effect permeates your whole being.”

At that precise moment you will ask yourself why you had never thought of coming to see us earlier and you will spare a brief thought for all your friends who continue to suffer from the cold and the rainy season locked up at home waiting impatiently for the weather to improve.



Apart from this singular feeling of well-being, a sauna bath has a plethora of beneficial effects such as strengthening your immune system, eliminating toxins and relaxing your muscles deeply.

The latter point is not beneficial only for sportsmen who come to work out in our fitness room, but also to those who had a particularly stressful week and have probably accumulated certain unintended muscle tension on the back and shoulders.

Sointi | 75°C

Détente, méditation et bien-être avec percussion de bols tibétains.

Bouleau | 90°C

Bouleau infusé libérant des huiles essentielles. Effet détoxifiant pour le corps.

Sel & fruit | 75°C

Effet purifiant, gommage de la peau. Rafraichissant grâce aux fruits offerts.

Loftaufguss | 75°C

Profitez pleinement des arômes grâce à la position assise surélevée.

Miel | 75°C

Accentue purification et raffermissement de la peau avec du miel.

Chocolat blanc | 75°C

Accentue purification et raffermissement de la peau avec du chocolat blanc.


Sauna experience

To round off your sauna session, we would like to invite you to join us for one of the many “Aufguss” type treatments. Mondorf Domaine Thermal was the first centre in the Great Region to develop a quality Aufguss range based on 6 different themes, and this experience is a real must when you come to us.

Please bear in mind that a sauna is enjoyed without swimsuit. Just bring two towels along: one to wrap around your waist or armpits, and the other to put under your feet. This basic equipment will enable you to make the most of your session.


Michel Fabry
Saunameister & coach sportif