Prestige VinsLux dinner


The next Grand VinsLux Dinner will take place on 15 April 2023 at the Orangerie of the Domaine Thermal.

Reserve your seats now for the gastronomic event in Mondorf – only your reservation will be registered, you don’t have to pay anything yet!

The Thermal Spa Brigade has created an exquisite gastronomic menu as well as a complete vegan option, accompanied by excellent Luxembourg wines.

The price per person is
€145, all inclusive.

By booking, you secure your seats; you can also book a larger number of seats together; for up to 8 people, we can guarantee that everyone will be seated at the same table.
You don’t pay anything yet when you make your reservation – you will receive the instructions for your bank transfer to Domaine Thermal later.

For a peaceful evening:

Book a Premium room  at Mondorf Parc Hotel & Spa****SUPERIOR at a special rate.

  • €233 per night, single occupancy
  • €283 per night, double occupancy

This rate includes: 1 night in a Premium room + breakfast + access to the Wellness & Fitness facilities.

To book your room(s), go to the online module (code >> PRESTIGE) or please complete the contact form indicating the number of rooms and persons per room in the comments field: "Dîner Prestige VinsLux - 15/04/2023"...

Book the pick-up service (from your home to Mondorf and back).


But the dinner will not only be a culinary experience:

Grand concours Guide VinsLux

Much excitement is promised by the final round of the grand prize competition presented in the VinsLux 2022/2023 guide, for which you also need the VinsLux app. A total of 50 prizes will be raffled from the end of June 2022 to the end of January 2023 and the three main prizes – including a wine climate control cabinet from Liebherr – will be shared between the three finalists during the dinner.

Auction for the benefit of the télévie

Two original auctions will also take place during the evening, in which those present can participate. Older Luxembourg wines will go under the hammer, and in a special auction, the original painting that Luxembourg artist Robert Brandy painted especially for the occasion and from which we produced our DropStops (see online shop and in the Guide VinsLux 2022/2023) will be auctioned.
The proceeds will go to « Aktioun Télévie » and thus to research work to fight cancer.



Please indicate under « quantity » the number of persons for whom you are reserving the places.
So if you want to reserve e.g. 2 places, please indicate 2 in the box « Quantity ».


Choose your menu, for 145€/person - All-inclusive price (at least 10 Luxembourg wines/Crémants, water, coffee).

Menu gastronomique

L’asperge blanche mimosa, chips de jambon cru Lisanto
Mousse légère de truite fumée, Cresson

Tataki de bœuf luxembourgeois au poivre de Kerala,
Artichaut en barigoule, crémeux et croustillant d’artichaut

Le Bar de ligne et homard
Asperge en texture, bisque au pinot noir

Carré de Veau de lait du terroir rôti
Légumes primeurs à la truffe, pomme de terre luxembourgeoise croustillante

Granité pomme verte, siphon cresson et pomme fruit

Sarment de vignes
Crumble cacao, agrumes, copeaux de Gianduja et mousse vanille d’Ouganda, gel muscat de Frontignan.

Menu gastronomique végétalien

Légumes racines, noisette torréfiée, émulsion betterave

Tataki de tofu fumé aux poivres de Kerala,
Artichaut en barigoule, crémeux et croustillant d’artichaut

Asperge verte et blanche en 3 visions
Taboulé tiède de quinoa noir et quinoa soufflé

Chou-fleur boule confit
Légumes primeurs à la truffe, Pommes de terre luxembourgeoise croustillantes

Granité pomme verte, siphon cresson et pomme fruit

Sarment de vignes
Crumble sarrasin au beurre de cacao, agrumes et mousse vanille d’Ouganda, gel muscat de

Les vins qui accompagneront vos plats :

  • Crémant "Blanc de Noirs" extra brut - Domaine Kox
  • Auxerrois "Sélection 12" 2022 - Domaine Ruppert
  • Auxerrois "Domaine & Tradition" 2020 - Caves Gales
  • Pinot Gris "Domaine & Tradition" 2019 - Domaine Clos des Rochers
  • Pinot Gris 2021 - Domaine Desom
  • Chardonnay Barrique 2020 - Domaine Krier-Bisenius
  • Riesling "Domaine Privé de la Maison" 2016 - Caves Krier Frères
  • Pinot Gris "Héritage du Moulin" 2018 - Häremillen
  • Pinot Gris "Bech-Kleinmacher Naumberg" vieille vigne 2020 - Caves Krier-Welbes
  • Crémant "Cult" Poll-Fabaire - Domaine VinsMoselle
  • Pinot Blanc "Vin de paille" 2014 - Domaine Charles Decker


The evening starts at 19.30 with a reception during which Crémant and suitable canapés will be served.