Packages for men

Men have the same needs in terms of well-being and therapeutic care. The ailments may differ slightly and the remedies must be adapted accordingly. But Spa care treatments are no longer reserved for women only. And men's care treatments no longer pertain exclusively to sports. The packages will have a more full-bodied or woody scent. The applications are slightly more dynamic, but the objective remains the same: successful relief and prevention, thanks to a judicious combination of natural means.  The packages evolve during the year to offer more appropriate responses. Please go to for all the information you need.  Personalized packages can be arranged by the MONDORF Domaine Thermal SPA teams upon request.

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  1. Relax Man
    Packages for men

    Relax Man

    From €175.00
    This package comprises: 1 LaStone Therapy | 50 minutes 1 Kraxenofen 1 Body wrap with beer extracts
  2. Tuareg Ritual ORIGINE
    Packages for men

    Tuareg Ritual ORIGINE

    From €154.00
    Origine offers you a multisensorial fulfilling experience through an unforgettable journey. This ritual ...