Mother's Day Menu | DE JANGELI


Unique Menu ♦ Sunday, 13 june
Lunchtime and dinner

Full set menu with a starter + main course + dessert of your choice - 68€  ♦
Vegetarian or vegan alternatives are available upon request.



Duck rillette confit bruschetta, shredded duck legs, condiments, Italian rocket


LABEL ROUGE Scottish salmon

confit at low temperature, cocoa crumble and fried shallot, black garlic,
beetroot hummus, vegetable pickles, cress


JANGELI’S Quiche lorraine

Parmesan shortbread, confit and roasted bacon, creamy Beaufort cheese, onion pickles and fried onions, bacon Chantilly, crispy pancetta, reduced juice and young seasonal shoots


Main course

Veal mignon

Roast veal mignon covered with herbs, fine gremolata, fricassee of summer vegetables, potato and almond churros, reduced juice with chicory



Roasted turbot steak, candied leeks, pan-fried vegetables, samosa with morel mushrooms, red onion condiment flavoured with roasted coffee, hazelnut oil pearl juice


Aromatic strawberries

Charlotte and Gariguette strawberry tartare with woodruff, strawberry tail jelly, pistachio cookie and organic sheep cream


Almond and apricot

Soft biscuit, praline with almond chips, milk chocolate mousse, apricot compote


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Unique menu proposed on Sunday 13 June - lunch and dinner. No menu.

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  • Unique menu proposed on Sunday 13 June - lunch and dinner. No menu.
  • List of allergens upon request.
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