EcoLabel Luxembourg

The Mondorf Parc Hôtel****superior has since February 2020 been certified Ecolabel (Gold level) by the Ministry of Economy – Directorate General of Tourism of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and under the coordination of the Oekozenter Pafendall for its good practices in terms of selective sorting, and energy and water management.

The Gold level of the Ecolabel is a recognition of our ongoing efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, to innovate in environmentally-friendly solutions, and to encourage our employees, partners and customers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. This certification confirms our commitment to contribute actively to the fight against climate change, conserve biodiversity, reduce waste and promote a circular economy.


  • Providing fresh eggs from our chicken coop and honey from our park’s beehives at the breakfast buffet
  • Prioritising the selection of local, FairTrade and/or organic labelled products
  • Using preferably glass containers
  • Supplying renewable energy from wind and hydro power in particular ….
  • Managing and optimising electrical consumption sustainably:
    LED equipment,
    Motion sensors in common areas,
    Programming indoor and outdoor lighting and building ventilation
  • Limiting document printing
  • Using recycled and FSC-certified paper for our brochures
  • Preferring partners and suppliers who adhere to an environmental charter and/or are FairTrade certified
  • Preferring local suppliers located within a 150-km radius of Mondorf-les-Bains
  • Reducing paper documentation in rooms
  • Eliminating auxiliary heaters
  • Doing away with floors containing plastic or vinyl materials
  • Providing a range of cosmetics in recycled and/or recyclable packaging
  • Eliminating chlorine- or bleach-based cleaning products
  • Managing drinking water in a sustainable manner: installing mixer taps, reducing water flow, etc.
  • Inspecting and servicing hot water and gas installations regularly to prevent any losses
  • Providing charging points for electric vehicles
  • Providing bicycles for hire
  • Promoting local cycling tourism
  • Maintaining green spaces using 100% natural products (0% pesticides or chemicals)
  • Collecting and sorting 10 different types of waste
  • Collecting and sorting cigarette butts for recycling
  • Installing a waste sorting station for the treatment of operational waste from our establishment and guests