Our environmental approaches

Parc thermal

We would like to conserve our environment and its unique panorama. That is why we pay particular attention to resources wherever possible and undertake eco-friendly actions for sustainable development without compromising the quality of our services.

  • We are fostering the ecological awareness of our company and encouraging it among our staff.
  • We are putting in place an Ecolabel environmental management system and are responsible for its implementation and continuous improvement. We are measuring the impact of our actions on environmental protection, are assessing the results, and informing our staff accordingly.
  • When we plan measures, we take due care that they are reasonable from the ecological perspective.
  • We keep abreast of developments and innovations in our areas of specialization so as to contribute to an ecological management of resources.
  • We make sure that the quality of our services and the comfort of our clients is not changed by our environmental management system.
  • We are raising awareness among our guests about the environment through communication (e.g. through questionnaires, our website and our shelves).
  • We are raising awareness among our suppliers about the ecological management of resources and apprise them of our expectations in terms of active support and cooperation for environmental protection.



A sustainable development initiative in a responsible company.

A real scourge for the environment, a cigarette and its butt contain nearly 30 toxic agents that are hardly biodegradable, if at all. An estimated 4.3 trillion cigarette butts are discarded worldwide each year, most of which end up on our streets and in the sewers.

As an establishment whose first priorities are the Health and Well-being of all, we are committed to promoting the Zero Cigarette Butt objective at the Domaine Thermal (car park, park, pathway...) and thus wish to raise awareness and develop the collection of cigarette butts, one of the conveyors of environmental and aesthetic pollution.


cigarettes are smoked per year in Luxembourg.


end up in nature, on the pavement or in the sewers.


of water are polluted by each cigarette butt.

It takes 15

for a cigarette butt to degrade.


The butts disposed of in the ashtrays provided are collected by shime.lu, a young Luxembourg start-up involved in sustainable development. They are treated effectively against toxic agents before they are recycled, particularly into urban furniture (ashtrays, benches, bins, etc.). This is a great way of recycling, and everyone can participate by acting responsibly - collecting the butts found on the ground and/or throwing them into one of the ashtrays provided at the entrances to the estate.

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