1,800 m2 dedicated to working out and muscle development. The facilities at Mondorf Domaine Thermal boast state-of-the art equipment in a modern and dynamic environment. You can avail yourself of 4 different and progressive training areas. The cardio-training equipment is arranged harmoniously alongside the weight training equipment – 130 training devices in all for this area.

Supervision by a team of professional coaches will ensure that everyone will get the monitoring and advice suitable for his or her level and objectives.


A customised programme

There are many services for fitness tips at the Thermal Estate. We recommend that you contact our coaches to chart the customised programme that will meet your needs and requirements.

Personal Training

A personalised training programme is drawn up on the basis of an initial assessment. The Personal Trainer helps you to achieve the objectives set on the technical but also on the motivational front.  He is a person of confidence who provides help, support and encouragement to make the sessions more efficient.

Weight and cardio training

Depending on your level of fitness, you can work out in 4 different and progressive training areas.  The cardio-training equipment are arranged harmoniously alongside the weight training equipment – 130 training devices in all for this area.
Whether a treadmill or a chest press, the Thermal Estate is fully equipped by the world leader in training equipment. Several full Lifefitness machines, which stand guarantee for seriousness and efficacy, are placed at your entire disposal.

Power Plate

A device used to obtain surprising results on nearly all the parts of the body in minimum time. Training on the Power Plate stimulates the muscle stretching reflexes, thereby enhancing the muscle working capacity.

Indoor cycling

The refreshed air indoor cycling facility of the Thermal Estate can host a pack of 34 cyclists on Tomahawk bicycles. The exercise on bicycle supervised by an experiment coach improves the cardio-vascular capacities in particular.