The beneficial effects of a digestive system cure are due chiefly to the remarkable mineral content in the Mondorf thermal water, which contributes efficiently to:

  • Improve digestive comfort
  • Regularise digestive transit
  • Reduce or stagger inflammatorw flare-ups

The digestive system thermal cure is particularly indicated in most liver and biliary tract ailments. The cure provides efficacious relief to some functional bowel disorders such as chronic colitis with constipation.


The main ailments treated with the digestive system cure are:

  • chronic constipation,
  • chronic anacid gastritis,
  • vesicular lithiasis,
  • sequalae of cholecystectomy,
  • chronic cholecystitis,
  • sequelae of hepatitis,
  • spastic colitis,
  • gout,
  • renal lithiasis,
  • hyperlipidemia


The cure programme includes care treatments with the following effects :

  • Sedative effects: drinking cure, baths, compresses, showers, sophrology
  • Stimulating effects: regional massage, colonic irrigation


Good to know

On the recommendation of your attending physician, make an appointment with a cure physician at Mondorf Domaine Thermal to prescribe your cure. Once the Caisse Nationale de Santé has given its approval, the CNS covers 80% of the treatment.


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