The lympho-venous stasis cure for phlebological purposes is used to treat lympho-venous insufficiency for the long term and to attenuate complications connected to this invalidating chronic disorder.

The specific care treatments of this cure act on the circulatory malfunctions and promote:

  • An improvement in functional disorders such as a feeling of heaviness in the legs, cramps or numbness,
  • An improvement in the clinical aspect (oedema, dermatitis)
  • Recovery from post-phlebitic disorders.


Prevent and educate

Apart from the balneotherapy, the cure includes local massages for a manual blood draining. These specific care treatments are provided by specialised masseurs to reduce swelling, loosen and alleviate pain in the legs.

The purpose of this cure is also preventive through the advice provided. Restraint courses and dietary and hygienic instructions will help you avoid complications from lympho-venous insufficiency.


The main ailments treated are:

  • Chronic, primitive or secondary stasis oedemas
  • Complicated venous insufficiency and lymphoedema, superficial venous thrombosis
  • Post-phlebetic ailments with haemodynamic sequelae, dermo-epidermic lesions (hypodermic oedemas, closed ulcers).


The programme of the cure includes care treatments with:

  • Sedative effects: cryotherapy, rest
  • Stimulating effects: manual lymphatic and/or venous drainage, mechanical pressure drainage, circulatory cleansing, circulatory walking, hydrotherapy in a water treading pool
  • Rehabilitating effects: muscle toning for the extremities, training on cycloerogemeter, circulatory exercises with or without restraint
  • Educational effects: courses for learning and applying efficient restraint, lectures on nutrition, healthy lifestyle rules.


Good to know

On the recommendation of your attending physician, make an appointment with a cure physician at Mondorf Domaine Thermal to prescribe your cure. Once the Caisse Nationale de Santé has given its approval, the CNS covers 80% of the treatment.


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