The aim of the ORL Sphere cure is to reduce the number of relapses thanks to the decongestive and anti-inflammatory properties of the thermal water at Mondorf. During inhalation, thermal water fine particles stimulate the blood circulation in the mucous membrane and liquefy secretions by an osmosis effect. The strength and frequency of activity by the epithelial cells that drain them are increased, thereby facilitating the elimination.


The main ailments treated are :

  • rhinopathy,
  • rhinitis (dry, sub-acute, chronic, hyperplasic),
  • dry pharyngitis,
  • sub-acute or chronic sinusitis,
  • recurrent chronic laryngitis,
  • chronic tubal catarrh with post-operative conductive deafness.


The cure programme includes treatments with :

  • Sedative effects: inhalation, nasal drops, mouth and nose cleansing
  • Stimulating effects: aerosol therapy with or without ultra-sound.


Good to know

On the recommendation of your attending physician, make an appointment with a cure physician at Mondorf Domaine Thermal to prescribe your cure. Once the Caisse Nationale de Santé has given its approval, the CNS covers 80% of the treatment.


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