(please notice: these programs are conducted in Luxembourgish and French only)


The new programs Obesity Cure and post treatment have been developed according to the principles of the “Education Thérapeutique” to help you to manage your difficulties in losing weight and to promote change in the longer term.
You will attend theoretical and practical educational sessions to help you to understand your current lifestyle behaviours , exchange your experiences in a group and develop new habits for your everyday life.

The purpose is also to deepen and consolidate the knowledge acquired according to your needs . This enables you to maintain a healthier lifestyle in an autonomous way.

You will be monitored and guided throughout the obesity treatment by our interdisciplinary team (a doctor, dieticians, psychologists, a sport therapist, physiotherapists and sophrologists) specialised in treating patients suffering from overweight.


The admission criteria for the Pathological Obesity Cure (inpatient or outpatient) are:

  • BMI higher than 35 (body mass index)


  • BMI higher or equal to 30 combined with at least one of the following criteria:
    • Diabetes with an Hb A1c greater than 7%.
    • Severe high blood pressure resistant to treatment with blood pressure sup . 140/90 mmHg despite treatment for a year by the simultaneous intake of three antihypertensive medication.
    • sleep apnoea syndrome ascertained with polysomnography performed in the sleep laboratory of a hospital
    • Android pattern ( waist circumference sup. 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men)
    • Background cardiac disease (coronary / documented cardiomyopathy)


Pathological obesity cure 

2 formulas are proposed:

3-week inpatient treatment or
3-month outpatient treatment

The aim is to gain basic knowledge and expertise that can be used in your daily life. You will attend individual as well 

as l group sessions that will broach the:

  • Before starting the obesity cure, the interdisciplinary team conducts a check-up to explore your state of health and determine your needs. At the end of the obesity cure, you set, together with the professionals, realistic goals which will help you maintain your recently acquired competences.Medical aspect
  • Nutritional education
  • Psychological counceling and support
  • Progressiv Endurance training
  • Muscular strengthening and stretching
  • Sophrologie

THE OUTPATIENT OBESITY CURE consists of weekly sessions over 3 months.

THE INPATIENT OBESITY CURE (3 weeks) is given at Mondorf-les-Bains, including meals at the thermal center. This entails an additional cost, but the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) covers part of the additional expenses.



Post treatment obesity cure

Fourteen 3-hour modules over 18 months maximum

The interdisciplinary team provides guidance and support to help you consolidate your new day-to-day lifestyle. The aim is to help you:
  • Reinforce the knowledge acquired during the obesity treatment.
  • Develop and adapt your treatment strategies to your way of life.
  • Anchor new habits for the long term.
  • Support you in case of difficulties.

We help you to develop your resources and your new coping strategies, in order to prevent any weight gain. This will also help you to keep up your motivation for the long term.

You follow educational groups as well as individual sessions adapted specifically to your needs.



Specific post bariatric surgery program

Twelve 3-hour modules over 12 months maximum


The specific POST BARIATRIC SURGERY program helps you to manage your daily life better after surgery.

The aim is to acquire the necessary knowledge to:

  • Avoid nutritional deficiencies;
  • Continue with your weight loss
  • Maintain or improve your quality of life

You will attend groups as well as individual theoretical and practical educational sessions, where you can exchange experiences and advice with others. The sessions will broach the medical, nutritional and psychological aspects, but they also involve progressive endurance training exercise and muscular strengthening with stretching.

You will be guided throughout the program by our interdisciplinary team composed of a doctor, dieticians, psychologists, a sport therapist, physiotherapists and sophrologists.



Good to know

On the recommendation of your attending physician (and a completed Transfer Certificate), make an appointment with a cure physician at Mondorf Domaine Thermal to prescribe your cure. Your attending physician will have to complete the transfer certificate which you will submit to the obesity treatment physician. Once the medical inspectorate of the Caisse Nationale de Santé has given its approval, the CNS covers 80% of the treatment.

A second cure may be arranged, if after progressive loss for 12 months following the cure, the patient continues to be seriously overweight.