The core of the Thermal Estate

The beneficial effects of authentic thermal waters recognised for more than 160 years and heated at 36 °C are geared essentially to the general relaxation of the muscles, the improvement of blood circulation, and relief from pains and inflammations. The large quantity of mineral salts present in the thermal water produces a state of weightlessness that facilitates movements and relaxes the muscles, particularly during aqua course sessions. Following the series of massage jets along the pool is another way to benefit from the relaxing effects of the thermal water of Mondorf-les-Bains.

Extend your moments of relaxation in the various rest areas close to the thermal pool and discover in particular the Salounge, an enclosed space with a salty air microclimate. It helps purify the respiratory tracks and makes the skin soft and beautiful. 

The terraces arranged around the pool provide an ideal setting for relaxation and idleness. From the first rays of the sun, you will not fail to come and make the most of these areas and Chalet Le 36 that will satisfy your small cravings.


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Discover the benefits of thermal water.