DAVID Health: Active Rehabilitation

Painrelieve for back, neck and shoulder

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DAVID HEALTH is an international network of a several hundred centers, that provide a complete treatment of chronic BACK, NECK or SHOULDER pain.

The DAVID HEALTH concept is supported by the EVE Platform (evaluated exercise), which guides the patient through the exercise to optimise the treatment. The range of motion, the speed of execution, the number of repetitions, the exercise duration as well as the coordination are displayed on the EVE-Terminal screen fixed on each DAVID HEALTH device. A detailed report of the DAVID HEALTH program can be drawn up at any time.

The EVE Info-Kiosk not only allows you to visualise the functional exercises, but you will also be able to evaluate your pain level for each session, in order to adapt the treatment in the most accurate way.

MONDORF Domaine Thermal offers you the exclusivity of the DAVID HEALTH concept which includes "evidence-based" scientific criteria, validated by clinical data and independent studies published in the medical press.

In order to guarantee the quality assurance of the rehabilitation concept, the anonymised results of each DAVID HEALTH center are collected in a centralised database and regularly analysed.


Inactivity fosters the deterioration of the structures and function of the spinal column or shoulders.

Muscle endurance is reduced and the loss of protection mechanisms increases the risk of further injuries.

The DAVID HEALTH rehabilitation aims to reverse the vicious circle of pain by acting on all the physiological, muscular and motor factors of your body so as to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Facilitate the gestures of daily life
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Increase the amplitude of movements and functional capacity
  • Normalize mobility and motor coordination

If you are suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain that affects the quality of your life, our DAVID HEALTH active rehabilitation program can help you.

90% of the treated patients notice a decrease of their pain level and their limitations in everyday life activities.



Please contact your attending physician.



Please note:

  • DAVID HEALTH codes are not combinable on the same prescription.
  • The prescription for DAVID HEALTH shoulder must specify whether it is the right or left shoulder.
BACK T 200 • NECK T 203 • SHOULDERS T 206

24 sessions / diagnosis / onset of the disease
2 sessions per week

Treatment protocols:


  1. Chronic low back pain
  2. Lumbar instability 
  3. Herniated lumbar disc 
  4. Post-traumatic lumbar pain 
  5. Post-operative lumbar pain
  6. Scoliosis
  7. Spondylolisthesis


  1. Chronic neck pain
  2. Cervical instability
  3. Herniated cervical disc
  4. Post-traumatic cervical pain
  5. Post-operative cervical pain


  1. Chronic shoulder pain
  2. Post-traumatic shoulder pain
  3. Post-operative shoulder problem
  4. Rotator cuff rupture


DAVID HEALTH start date / tissue condition/ surgical technique

The treatment can be continued with a medical prescription.


BACK  T 202 • NECK T 205 • SHOULDERS T208

12 sessions maximum per prescription
2 sessions per month


Subject to prior approval, the prescription will be valid for 1 year and the costs will be paid by the Caisse Nationale de Santé according to the current rate.

If you have already completed a first DAVID HEALTH cycle of 24 sessions, a second cycle of 24 sessions may be considered:

  • After a period of 24 months to treat the same pathology
  • Without waiting for pathologies of distinct levels (BACK, NECK, SHOULDERS)
  • Without delay for pathologies of the opposite shoulder


At the first session

A specially trained physiotherapist for the DAVID HEALTH concept will evaluate your situation individually in order to determine the optimal treatment to deal with your problem.

This assessment concerns:  your medical history, the profile of your pain, your psychological profile as well as some objective measurements, such as your mobility and the isometric muscle force.

As of the 2nd session

Under supervision by a physiotherapist, you will take part in the DAVID HEALTH therapy process which includes:

Dynamic exercises on DAVID HEALTH equipment designed specially to strengthen the muscles in complete safety without any risk of overload. Equipped with a biofeedback system (EVE-Platform), the biomechanical DAVID HEALTH concept guarantees a controlled and effective treatment. At any time, the quality of the movements (range of motion, speed, repetitions, time, coordination) can be visualised on the EVE-Terminal screen fixed on each device.

Specific muscle stretching exercises.

Learning functional exercises to maintain the results at home. Learning functional exercises that help maintain results at home. The patient can view his functional exercises at any time on the EVE Info-Kiosk.

Teaching of essential ergonomic principles to adopt the right gestures in day-to-day life.

Periodic evaluations of your progress.  Your prescribing physician will receive a report of the results in order to monitor your progress.

Each DAVID HEALTH session takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Indications and contrAindications

The DAVID HEALTH active rehabilitation is indicated in cases of chronic pain:

Back – Neck

• Facet symptoms
• Disc degeneration
• Disc prolapse without acute neurological signs
• Spondylolisthesis
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Post-operative rehabilitation


• Humero-acromial conflict and rotary cuff injury
• Acromioclavicular dislocation
• Shoulder dislocation
• Shoulder arthritis
• Retractile capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
• Post-operative rehabilitation


DAVID HEALTH active rehabilitation is contraindicated in cases of:

• Advanced rheumatic pathologies
• Nerve root compression with clear neurological signs
• Fresh fracture
• Osteoporosis
• Severe instability
• Tumours
• Lack of motivation