Fitness Facility

Fitness, workout, group classes and get-back-into-shape program

The Fitness Facility of the Domaine Thermal is a unique space in the Grand Duchy of 1,800 m² equipped with modern equipment for physical and sporting activities.

You will find a wide range of equipment. No fewer than 130 machines are available to vary your sessions and achieve your goals. They offer several training areas that can host complete and effective courses: fitness, cardio-training, strength/muscle training...
Discover our latest top-of-the-range TechnoGym equipment that offers Internet & Netflix access (for subscribers).

If you want to get results quickly, take advantage of free advice from our qualified coaches. They are available seven days a week to guide and help you develop your personal training plan.

80 group lessons (indoors, outdoors and in the swimming pool) are on offer every week: Core-Training, BodyZen, Sunday Detox, Indoor Cycling, etc.

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  1. Access to Wellness & Fitness facilities
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    Access to Wellness & Fitness facilities

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    Treat yourself to an entry to a world of wellness: Fitness equipment on 1,800 m² dedicated to workouts and ...