Fitness Equipment

MONDORF Domaine Thermal boasts 1,800 m² of floorspace totally dedicated to physical activity. Separate, incremental areas make it easier for newcomers to find their way around. The muscle-building and cardio-vascular training machines meet the highest standards and are constantly renewed. A total of 130 machines are just waiting for you. Separate areas enable you to concentrate on more specific types of workouts, such as weight training with dumbbells and free weights, functional training or stretching.

Our rooms for group courses are spacious and bathed in natural light. They have all the necessary equipment to enable you to work out in a group, if you wish. More than 80 group courses are on the programme: indoors, in the swimming pool and outdoors, in our thermal park. Whether you are looking for flexibility and relaxation, cardio-vascular training, muscle building or high intensity courses, there is something for everyone.

separate, incremental workout areas