The Luxembourg Aviation Museum

In the very heart of the thermal park, the “Kind Spring” Pavilion has also been home to Luxembourg’s first aviation museum since 2012.  The museum pays homage to the spa town, which in April 1910 was the scene of the first flight in Luxembourg's airspace.

The centrepiece of this museum is undoubtedly the "Klemm", a monoplane built in 1934, now perfectly restored whose flamboyant red wings are a real eye-catcher.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover and immerse yourself in the world of the pioneers and the technological developments in aeronautics of the last century, through:

  • A chronological introduction to the different disciplines: motorized and gliding aviation, parachuting, etc.
  • A showcase of flying machines, including the oldest wooden plane to have flown in Luxembourg since 1946, via the microlight aircraft and the very first hot-air balloon
  • A playful and practical discovery of how a weather station works,
  • A soundtrack of a conversation between a pilot and the control tower,
  • The projection on the heroics of the “Klemm.”