Benefits of thermal water

A "mixed sodium and calcium chlorinated" water that contains a high concentration of secondary elements such as magnesium and sulphate, with a pH close to that of the skin, together with its minerals, plus soothing, decongestive and anti-inflammatory properties, is the perfect ally for your care treatments, thanks to its extensive beneficial effects.


The major therapeutic effects of moving in thermal water heated at 36°C are:

  • Specific strengthening of – whilst relaxing – the muscles.
  • Improvement of the mobility of the joints and range of motion.
  • Reduction of muscle spasms and contractions.
  • Considerable soothing of pains and inflations.
  • Stimulation of blood circulation.


In terms of rheumatology and phlebology the large quantity of mineral salts brings about a soothing state that facilitates movements and relaxes the muscles.

For digestive and metabolic disorders the absorption of thermal water with its high calcium and magnesium content stimulates intestinal activity and activates the secretions of the digestive system.

The respiratory system benefits essentially from the decongesting and anti-inflammatory effects of sulphur, the main component of sulphate.

In practice:

Showering and disinfecting the feet are mandatory before entering the thermal pool.

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The heat and virtues of thermal water tire the body. The duration of the bath is therefore limited to 20 minutes (the Domaine Thermal accepts no responsibility for non-compliance with this limit).

Before and after the bath, the shower and feet's disinfection are mandatory.