Benefits of thermal water

A little history

In 1841, the Saxon driller Karl-Gotthelf Kind, who had made a name for himself in Germany, was commissioned to search for rock salt (a rare and expensive commodity), in the Luxembourgish subsoil. After unsuccessful drilling operations in Cessange, Echternach and Bech-sous-Perl, he drilled in Mondorf at a place where salt water was seeping weakly. This is how the thermos-mineral water of Mondorf was discovered in 1846, thanks to the drilling of Kind Spring (730 metres deep – a European record until 1871).
A Mondorf Bath Society was established in order to use the mineral properties of the spring for curative purposes, and the spa started operating in June 1847.
Other wells were drilled in order to meet the growing need for thermal water: Marie-Adélaïde Spring in 1913 and Michel Lucius Spring in 1979.


The thermal water of MONDORF Domaine Thermal is a “mixed chloride, soda lime” water that contains a large concentration of secondary elements such as magnesium and sulphate. Its pH (close to that of the skin), mineralization, soothing, decongesting and anti-inflammatory properties make it an ally for your care with far-reaching beneficial effects.

In rheumatology and phlebology, the large quantity of mineral salts causes a state of weightlessness that facilitates movement and relaxes muscle.

The major therapeutic effects of moving in thermal water heated at 36°C are:

  • specific strengthening of the muscles while taking care of them;
  • an improvement in the mobility of joints and the range of movement;
  • a reduction in muscle spasms and contractions;
  • a significant reduction in pain and inflammation;
  • stimulation of the blood circulation.

For digestive and metabolic pathologies, the absorption of thermal water rich in calcium and magnesium stimulates intestinal activity and promotes the secretions of the digestive system.

The respiratory tract benefits essentially from the decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects of sulphur, the main component of sulphate. 

In practice:

Showering and disinfection of the feet are compulsory before entering the thermal pool.

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The heat and properties of thermal water tire the organism. The bath is therefore limited to 20 minutes (the Domaine Thermal declines all responsibility if this limit is not observed).

Showering and disinfection of the feet are mandatory before and after the bath.