The Thermal Park and its activities

Whereas for many people the village of Mondorf-les-Bains is synonymous with thermal baths, its park is an equally evocative symbol that brings back memories. Who hasn't spent a Sunday afternoon with their family watching the ducks or the Gander? Who hasn't enjoyed the peace and quiet of a stroll along its paths lined with majestic trees?

An integral part of the Health Centre, the Mondorf-les-Bains, Thermal Park is a spot of greenery spanning more than 45 hectares and thereby helping to make the Thermal Estate ever so unique.

a piece of luxembourg's heritage

The park was created in 1886 by the illustrious French landscape architect Edouard André, who incidentally wrote the Traité pour la composition des parcs et jardins [Treatise on the Composition of Parks and Gardens] in 1879, and designed the famous parks of Monte Carlo, Euxinograd, Montevideo and... Luxembourg City (Municipal Park). Edouard André was a specialist in 19th century of English gardens and particularly in sunken gardens with bridges. In Mondorf he designed a quiet, restful park where it is pleasant to walk along shady paths and to relax on one of the many benches. Today the park offers many family activities that respect the original idea of its creator, namely to enable everyone to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Thirty people are busy day after day, season after season, looking after this gem of Luxembourg's natural heritage. Their work is part of the differentiated management of green spaces through an ecological approach in terms of the machinery and products used, as well as of respect for native species, biodiversity and energy resources. The flora and fauna can develop in a healthy way to be admired by visitors to the park.


french garden

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Orangerie, the French garden extends elegantly the terrace of this beautiful building, which was designed for receptions and refined banquets. It blends into the thermal park thanks to its low hedgerows, fountains and sculptures. It was created in 2002 following the renovation of the Orangerie. 


easy golf

Ideal entertainment for families, this landscaped 18-hole golf course is fully integrated in nature: An original way to have fun in the great outdoors. More original than a miniature golf course, the easy-golf course is a natural addition to the park's list of attractions.


educational labyrinth 

This area consists of flowering meadows with more than 17 varieties of ornamental flowers. It is an invitation to discovery and learning. Nature can express and renew itself here by offering us a myriad of colours and scents. To be discovered as a family.


on the Gander

As soon as the fine weather returns, this small river which serves as a border demarcation between France and Luxembourg, becomes a pleasant walk through the Parc Thermal.


the orchard

In the autumn of 2020, no fewer than 150 trees of 9 species and 52 different fruit varieties were planted in the brand-new orchard of the thermal park. 

Species: apple, pear, cherry, walnut, Mirabelle plum, peach, quince, apricot.


the park's hives

We now know how important bees are to our ecosystem. The variety of species and flowers in the Parc thermal [Thermal Park]  provides these tireless pollinators with a "hunting" ground of predilection. No fewer than 18 hives produce delicious organic honey each year, which the Chef uses in his recipes for the restaurants of the Domaine thermal.


flowers in the park

The park has two major flowering periods: one in the spring with more than 70,000 multicoloured tulip bulbs,  and one in the summer, when its meadows are adorned with the most beautiful summer flowers.



The amphitheatre provides an ideal setting for your scenic events. In the middle of nature, the sounds spread naturally thanks to flawless acoustics. The stage can also accommodate an orchestra or even a DJ and the forecourt can be used as a dance floor under the starry sky.

Let’s get the party started.


tennis courts

The three tennis courts at the Thermal Park are accessible during the day from the beginning of May to the end of October - booking required.