Wellness Facility

Wellness: fitness, relaxation and well-being

the thermal reference in the greater region

Combine the benefits of thermal baths with healthy workouts. The very heart of MONDORF Domaine Thermal offers a vast space dedicated to your health, prevention and well-being.

You will be able to enjoy the 36°C thermal pools, saunas, hammams and Jacuzzis but also spacious, group course facilities bathed in natural light, plus the vast historical park so that you can indulge in a beneficial physical activity at your own pace.

Recharge your batteries by capitalizing on quality, adapted advice offered by a multidisciplinary professional team. You can make the most of 360° care, with personalized programmes devised by dieticians, therapists, physiotherapists or our team of indoor coaches.

the only thermal swimming pool in luxembourg

Heated at 36°C, the thermal swimming pool will give you a feeling of total fulfilment and exerts a positive influence on your health. Immerse yourself in well-being and take advantage of the many benefits of thermal water.

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  1. Access to Wellness & Fitness facilities
    Without booking

    Access to Wellness & Fitness facilities

    From €28.00
    Treat yourself to an entry to a world of wellness: Fitness equipment on 1,800 m² dedicated to workouts and ...
  2. Sauna Private Vippi
    Wellness Facility

    Sauna Private Vippi

    From €65.00
    Sauna set at a temperature between 65° and 100°C