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Health prevention: recommendation for physical exercise at home

The importance of working out during the coronavirus pandemic

 Whatever your age, the pandemic should not stop you from moving and walking. The benefits of sport on the body as well as on the morale need no longer to be proven nowadays. Whereas working out is an almost daily habit for many, it can seem difficult to undertake for older people. The desire for and most probably the lack of knowledge of suitable exercises are the main reasons for this prolonged sedentary lifestyle. It is nonetheless enough to take just 30 minutes a day to see positive results on your general health, the alleviation of your aches and pains and the improvement of your flexibility.

Some simple exercises suggested by our therapists specialized in sport and health.

To avoid a sedentary lifestyle as of the age of 70, our therapists specialised in sport and health now recommend a series of exercises to improve your physical condition. To be done every day by varying the different exercises to strengthen the muscles and maintain a certain flexibility.

To be supplemented without reserve by a walk outdoors ;-)

Click on the video below to follow your new daily routine step by step:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3



The fitness coaches at the MONDORF Domaine Thermal have developed a vast programme so that you can devote yourself to one or more sports activities, whatever your level or goal. They will advise and guide you throughout your programme to ensure you make constant progress, support you at crucial moments and help you to achieve tangible and realistic results. At MONDORF Domaine Thermal we encourage dialogue and human relations. So please feel free to ask coaches in the facilities. They can give you good advice and teach you the correct gestures, how to use the machines properly, the right breathing techniques, etc. always with your goals in mind.

InBody Programme

Our coaches will start the process with a complete and individual assessment using an impedance meter scale (muscle, fat, bone and water mass analysis). They will then set your goals with you and devise the means to achieve them. Regular check-ups, at 12 week intervals, are part of the monitoring by coaches in the gym. Your programme will be adjusted according to the data collected. This coaching method is applied at all levels, from beginners to seasoned sportspersons. Above all, our coaches will make sure that you enjoy the workout. Without pleasure, any activity over a long period of time is difficult to keep up. As in many cases, the key to success is perseverance.

We believe in the maxim of the 3 Ps: Patience, Perseverance, Pleasure.