Saunas and Hammams

Unique facilities in the magnificent thermal park , combined with the latest technologies that take into accounts of sustainable energy management await for you to get away from the stress of every-day life for a few hours or for a day. The idyllic green setting with its centennial trees beckons you to recharge your battery. The Nordic and Asian sauna culture combined with nature and the traditional Aufguss ceremonies and rituals offer an exceptional experience for the senses. The space created around the historical spring of the Domaine Thermal will plunge you in the peace and quiet of the thermal park. On clear days, you can contemplate the sunset in this unique place.


Around the wellness pool (heated at 28°C year round), 9 saunas, 1 hammam and 1 relaxation pool await you.


Cabin (en) 
The Mökki sauna is one of our smallest saunas, one that provides you with a particularly welcoming atmosphere.


Large (en) | The Suuri sauna has a capacity for 65 people.
There is room for everyone, even during the Aufguss sessions!


Birch (en) | Koivu means "birch".
Our "VENIK" Aufguss sessions are held in this sauna, where birch branches are passed more or less vigorously over the body.


Steam (en) | Honey is used during the Aufguss session for the beauty of the skin. A sauna accessible to everyone with a small open-air relaxation area.


Originality of its seats overlooking the large central stove. Uniform warmth throughout the entire space and seats overlooking a large central stove.


Herbe (en) | The Yrtti sauna offers a permanent infusion of aromatic herbs that change with the seasons.


Zen, with Asian notes.
The most Zen of our saunas, with a touch of Asiatic flavour. At the end of your session, a rest area equipped with water mattresses will lead you into a moment of deep relaxation.


Textile  (en) | “covered” sauna
You will need to cover your private parts with a towel when you use the Tekstiili sauna, which is associated with a relatively low temperature. This may be a first approach for people who are not yet familiar with how to enjoy a sauna.
This sauna is equipped with a permanent infusion basin of dried aromatic herbs.


Luolaxi means cave - steam diffusion 


Private (en) | Sauna that can be privatized for a half or a whole day.
Facility that can be privatized for a half or a whole day. The Vippi area provides a sauna, a green area equipped with deckchairs and showers.


Uima allas

Swimming pool (en) | Relaxation bath with jets, fresh water at a variable temperature depending on the outdoor conditions (28°C - 34°C)


From the piazza and its hot and cold water pools, you can access 3 other saunas and 2 hammams, including a facility reserved for ladies:

Maxi sauna


Ladies' sauna

A sauna exclusively reserved for the ladies and is equipped with a permanent infusion basin of dried aromatic herbs. Scents change according to the season.

Infrared cabin

Compared to the traditional sauna, the ambient air in the infrared cabin is scarcely heated. The infrared radiation is spread mainly over the back and has a relaxing and soothing effect on the muscles.
Ladies' Hammam Steam bath in the ladies' area


Two steam baths with aroma diffusion.


Subdued with orange light and featuring saline brick walls, this relaxation area was designed to decongest the respiratory tract through the effects of vapours highly charged with mineral salts. In addition to its preventive effect, it can also treat minor rhinitis and sinusitis.

Precaution and counterindications

High temperatures (70°C to 100°C) and abrupt changes thereof are not recommended for people suffering from heart ailments or high blood pressure. Some skin infection such as psoriasis cannot tolerate contact with perspiration. Saunas and essential oils used during the Aufguss rituals are not recommended for pregnant women. Mild use, however, combining measured temperatures (up to 70°C) and avoiding ice-cold showers is possible. In the event of fever or inflammatory ailments, sauna should be avoided. As a general rule, ask your doctor before using a sauna regularly and intensively. There are alarm buttons in each cabin to alert staff to intervene immediately should you feel dizzy or unwell.