Healthcare at Work

As a major player in health care and services in Luxembourg, MONDORF Domaine Thermal has developed a programme to improve health and well-being at work.

Healthcare @work

MONDORF Domaine Thermal is recognized as an approved training organization by ministerial decree of 10 June 2015.

Putting people and health at the heart of your priorities today means investing in the success of your company with employees who are less absent, more efficient and happy to be part of your business plan.

Our Healthcare @Work programme helps you to improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees while giving them the wherewithal to lead a healthier life at the office, but also to raise their awareness to adopt a healthier lifestyle for themselves and for those around them.

MONDORF Domaine Thermal puts its multidisciplinary skills at your service to guide and support you in the development of a sustainable Health & Well-being at work strategy.