Spa care treatments

MONDORF SPA Massage en couple

Needless to say, SPA care treatments are very beneficial. They are synonymous with well-being and total relaxation, in fact. You are therefore bound to forget the hustle and bustle of the outside world while having a massage. And naturally you will feel rested in a cosy cocoon, intoxicated by the sweet scents of escape. But above all, the treatments at MONDORF Domaine Thermal are provided with precise goal in mind: to preserve and increase your health capital.


The fact that you feel better already contributes greatly to goal, but many of the care treatments applied have a real therapeutic scope, beyond the relaxation aspect. Some of them can even prevent pathologies, particularly in the fight against stress.

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  1. Winter SPA day
    Seasonal offer

    Winter SPA day

    From €195.00
    A day of wellness and relaxation comprising 3 care treatments: 1 Bath with salt and eucalyptus essential oil | ...
  2. BIO Detox Spa Package
    Body and skin care treatments

    BIO Detox Spa Package

    From €85.00
    Winter is just the right season to relax and recharge your batteries. Just leave all your frets and worries ...
  3. LOVE & SPA Day for two
    As a couple

    LOVE & SPA Day for two

    From €200.00
    ❤ Happy Saint Valentine’s Day ❤ Whereas Valentine's Day was originally a holiday for singles looking for a ...
  4. Ayurveda Shirodara
    Ayurvedic Massage

    Ayurveda Shirodara

    From €115.00
    Intense relaxation thanks to the flow of hot sesame oil on the forehead.
  5. Body wrap
    Body and skin care treatments

    Body wrap

    From €54.00
    This wrap technique relies on its Waterbed (37°C) system to promote maximum relaxation and a better absorption ...
  6. Relax Man
    Packages for men

    Relax Man

    From €175.00
    This package comprises: 1 LaStone Therapy | 50 minutes 1 Kraxenofen 1 Body wrap with beer extracts



You can find the same scents and re-immerse yourself at home in the sensations of fulfilment experienced during your care treatments thanks to the products available in our shop on site. The products offered are of impeccable quality and come from the most demanding specialists. All are 100% natural and have been chosen as much for their beneficial effects as for their intrinsic quality. They are the products recommended and used by our Spa teams.