Thermal And Freshwater Swimming Pools

The beneficial effects of thermal water have been recognized since 1847. They are geared essentially to general muscle relaxation, improving the blood circulation and reducing joint pain and inflammation.

Combined with the presence of a large quantity of mineral salts, the temperature of 36°C to which the thermal water is heated produces  a state of weightlessness that is beneficial to your body. Its unique saline composition is also beneficial for treating minor dermatological infections and has decongesting effects on the respiratory tract.  Take the course with massage jets placed all around the pool for total immersion and relaxation – an experience of total well-being to be enjoyed time and again.

Prolong your moments of relaxation in the various areas near the thermal swimming pool and discover in particular the Salounge, an enclosed aera with a salty air microclimate. It will help cleanse the respiratory tract and make your skin soft and smooth.

The terraces arranged around the swimming pool provide an ideal setting for total relaxation. As soon as the first rays of the sun appear, you are bound to come and make the most of these facilities and the 36° Bar as well as the Bar à Jus, which will quench your little cravings in a healthy and balanced manner. Discover the caring philosophy and restaurants of MONDORF Domaine Thermal here.