Practical Information For A Thermal Cure

before the cure

Guided tour for new curists

Come and discover the facilities of the MONDORF Domaine Thermal and find answers to your questions before you start your cure. One of our staff will show you around the premises and provide all the information you need to make sure that your cure runs smoothly.

Every Friday at 4.00 pm
Meeting point: the Hall of the Mondorf Parc Hôtel & Spa****superior

Prescription and treatment

The cure physician will complete the application for a cure and define your care programme which contains the most suitable thermal treatments for your pathology.

According to current rates, your cure will be covered by the Caisse Nationale de Santé CNS, subject to prior approval.


Reserving the cure

Our Cure Reservation service will use these documents to enter the file and your cure will be booked on an agreed date.


Cancellation or change of the cure date

You can cancel or change the date of your cure up to 4 weeks before it is scheduled to start.
After this period, you will be charged 80€ as a cancellation fee.


Confirmation of your cure

A confirmation letter will be sent 10 days before your cure is to start, indicating the date and time of arrival on the 1st day of your cure.