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thermal medicine: expert carE for prevention and relief

A vast health expertise on the benefits of thermal waters has been developed at the heart of MONDORF Domaine Thermal.

Complementary expertise gathered in a single location can be applied for comprehensive, personal care and to facilitate access to a wide range of curative and preventive treatments adapted to each person’s needs.

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  1. Long-COVID Cure
    Thermal Cures

    Long-COVID Cure

    Cure treatment for persistent symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. Rheumatism Cure
    Thermal Cures

    Rheumatism Cure

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR A CURE The rheumatism cure provides lasting relief from pain while increasing the ...
  3. Obesity Cure
    Thermal Cures

    Obesity Cure

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR A CURE Our Obesity Cure & Monitoring programmes will help you to manage your ...
  4. Lympho-Venous Stasis Cure
    Thermal Cures

    Lympho-Venous Stasis Cure

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR A CURE The lympho-venous stasis cure for phlebological purposes is used to treat ...
  5. ORL Sphere Cure
    Thermal Cures

    ORL Sphere Cure

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR A CURE The aim of the ORL Sphere cure is to reduce the number of relapses thanks to ...
  6. Respiratory Cure
    Thermal Cures

    Respiratory Cure

    PRACTICAL INFORMATION FOR A CURE If you suffer from breathing ailments, shortness of breath or breathlessness ...

Other Healthcare and services

DAVID Health: active rehabilitation

DAVID Health is an international network of some one hundred centres that provide a complete treatment of chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

The concept of DAVID Health rehabilitation is validated by clinical data and independent studies published in the medical literature. In order to guarantee the quality of the concept, the results of each DAVID Health centre are centralized and analysed regularly.