Practical Information | Wellness & Fitness

Below you will find some tips and documents to prepare your visit and to make the most of the Wellness & Fitness facilities.

thermal pool


Our tips for preparing your bag for a dip in the thermal pool
  • A bathing suit
  • A bath towel
    Bathrobes and towels can be rented on site
  • Bathing sandals or flip flops
  • Toiletries kit: soap, moisturizing cream, brush, etc


  • Bathing attire is required in the thermal pool area (shorts and Bermuda shorts above the knee will be tolerated)
  • Topless tanning is not permitted.
  • Sandals are strongly recommended for hygiene and safety reasons (in particular due to slippery floors), but are not allowed inside the pool.


  • A shower before bathing is mandatory. As thermal water is highly mineralized, a shower after bathing is highly recommended.
  • Young children who are not yet toilet-trained must wear a waterproof nappy specially adapted for swimming pools
  • A towel must be placed on loungers without fail.


  • For medical reasons, the recommended bathing time is limited to 20 minutes or to 2 x 15 minutes.
  • The massage jets are to be discharged every two minutes following the direction of the different jets, starting at the feet and ending at the top of the body





Our tips for preparing your bag for a sauna / hammam session…
  • A bathing suit
  • Two bath towels (one for the sauna session to cover any part of the wood in contact with the skin + one to dry yourself after the shower)
    Bathrobes and towels can be rented on site
  • Bathing sandals or flip flops
  • Toiletries kit: soap, moisturizing cream, brush, etc....


  • Bathing suits and sandals are not allowed inside the sauna cabins.
  • The towel can however be kept around the waist and/or chest during the sauna session. .
  • The private parts must be covered with a pareo or a towel in the TEKSTILI sauna. .
  • Direct skin contact with the wooden surfaces of the benches is not permitted in all saunas. You must therefore use a towel in an adequate manner.
  • Bathing suits (shorts and/or Bermuda shorts above the knee for use in water) are required in our different pools (28°C swimming pool, whirlpools and “ Uima Allas,” a swimming pool with a variable temperature depending on the season). 
  • The shower and the indoor cold-water pool can be used without wearing a bathing suit.
  • As a general rule, the private parts must be covered whenever going about inside or outside the Espace Saunas by Mondorf.
  • Bathing attire is prohibited in the area designated for “NUDITY.”.
  • Bathing suits may be worn in the hammam cabins, but not sandals.


  • Please respect the quiet atmosphere of the premises and speak softly in the saunas, hammams, whirlpools and pools. .
  • Everyone must leave the pools 15 minutes before the Espace Saunas by Mondorf closes..
  • The following are not admitted inside saunas, hammams and pools:
    - newspapers, magazines, and books, …
    - Food and drinks
    - Electronic devices (razor, telephone, etc.).
    - Any type of body care
  • The private “VIPPI” sauna grants exclusive use to customers who have reserved in advance at the Bar à Jus (located in the Wellness area) or the Reservations service (+352) 23 666-666.


  • A shower is required before any bathing (whirlpool, 28°C pool, cold water pool, “Uima Allas”)..
  • A towel must be placed on loungers, deckchairs and water beds before using them.
  • Athletic or street shoes are not allowed in the indoor premises. If necessary, please use protective slippers provided for that purpose.
  • In the hammams, it is advisable to rinse the seat with running water every time before and after use using the hose provided for that purpose.





Our tips for preparing your bag for fitness…
  • Athletic attire
  • Athletic shoes with clean soles
  • A towel to cover the equipment on which you will do your session
    Bathrobes and towels can be rented on site
  • Useful equipment depending on the athletic activity: gloves, strength belt, walking sticks, etc. ...
  • A water bottle
    Drinks and snacks are available at the Juice Bar and the 36°
  • Toiletries kit: soap, brush, etc


  • Appropriate athletic attire is required (athletic shoes, T-shirt or polo shirt, shorts or training trousers).
  • Shoes with black soles that leave marks are not allowed
  • Athletic bags are not allowed inside the room.


  • Disinfect the machines after use.
  • The use of the Power Plate® platform is subject to conditions.
  • The use of DBC training equipment is subject to prior training
  • Equipment may not be reserved by placing a towel on it.
  • The Personal Training room as well as the TRX® training area are reserved for customers accompanied by a coach. They may nonetheless be used by other customers if they are not occupied.
  • Please make sure you are in front of the room 5 minutes before the start of the group lesson.  Participation (without prior reservation) is included in the price of admission.


  • The seats of the machines must be covered with a towel brought by the customer.

  • Training equipment must be wiped and disinfected using the product made available BEFORE and AFTER each use.



changing rooms


The wristband issued when you arrived is your key to the Wellness & Fitness facilities.
It will be handed to you at the Wellness & Fitness reception desk or at the hotel reception desk when you check in.

You can use this wristband to:

  • Get in and out of the Wellness & Fitness facilities
  • Open and close your locker
  • Record what you consume at the Bar à Jus

If you are staying in one of the hotels of the Domaine Thermal, you can pay for your drinks every time you come out of the Wellness & Fitness facilities, or have the amount put on your room bill upon request.


Lockers for valuables are at your disposal.
Lockers are located opposite the Mondorf Shop and in the corridor of the thermal pool.
They can be used free of charge by all customers.


No photos may be taken inside the facilities without prior special permission from the management.